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Music from William Shunn's ShunnCast For the listening pleasure, perhaps, of hardcore ShunnCast fans, and as a thank you to those who stuck with the podcast through the entire year it took to complete the reading of the memoir, here is the complete theme music to The Accidental Terrorist:

Accidental Terrorist Theme William Shunn accidental.mp3 (4:08, 7.83Mb, 256Kbps)
I can't really say I composed the theme song, except in the most general sense of the term. I assembled it as best I could from royalty-free loops and snippets that came bundled with Adobe Audition 2.0, the audio-editing software I use to master and mix the ShunnCast. But if you like that jazzy little rhumba riff that opened and closed the Accidental Terrorist segments, now your first chance to hear the full track.

(I'll also include this full track in ShunnCast #43, coming next week.)

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