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Jolly St. Nick is dead, alas

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So I have this other podcast called ScientiFicShunn, which really just consists of fiction readings from ShunnCast but shorn of all the associated chatter. Most of the episodes are downloadable and shareable and so forth.

So Sunday I posted an original, unpublished Perry Slaughter Christmas story for Halloween to ScientiFicShunn, "Jolly Saint Nick Is Dead, Alas." Laura hadn't even heard this one before, and when I played it for her she said, "That was just mean. Funny—but just mean."

But let Boing Boing let me tell you about it. I hope you'll listen.

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ShunnCast #50

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Epidode #50 of "ShunnCast" is now available, in which Bill reads an original Christmas story in the Halloween spirit, written by and starring his unsavory alter-ego Perry Slaughter.

See also shunncast.

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Movie review

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Should you jump in the stream, or let this one slip by? My review of Anthony Hopkins's Slipstream.

(Turned out I was closer to Stephen Holden than Roger Ebert on this one.)

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October's CD mix of the month

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In New York City, they had a non-mix mixer. In Chicago, for Halloween, we had Vampires, Mummies, and the Goalie Host. These are the things that terrify me the most.

(The story so far.)

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Old Town


Walking around Old Town, waiting for Laura's Boston marathon training group meeting to let out, distressed at dearth of coffee shops that aren't Starbucks or Einstein Brothers.

Met an 11-year-old, 60-pound wheaten terrier!

Unhappily, realize I am prejudiced against people carrying Bibles. Also, old rich dudes on custom hogs wearing leather slip-on shoes and no socks.

Am relieved the guy in the beautiful suit and hat is talking on cell phone and not to self.

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ShunnCast #49

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Epidode #49 of "ShunnCast" is now available, in which Bill, in an outtake from THE ACCIDENTAL TERRORIST, recounts the fate of the modest vinyl collection he'd amassed before leaving on his mission. Also, freethought is vigorously defended, in the context of gay weddings and dying fathers.

See also [info]shunncast.

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Happy fourth!

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Queen of the Back Yard
The actual date was Sunday, but it's never too late to wish [info]ellapup a happy fourth birthday. Here's a shot of Ella reclining in the manner to which she has become accustomed on her back yard throne.

We bought her a big rubber treat ball for the glad occasion. It has a sort of simple valve where you insert treats, a maze of chambers inside, and an exit at the opposite pole. The dog bats and rolls the rattling ball around until the treat works its way out the exit. It's a ton of fun.

And here's a picture from the front stoop this morning, with Ella holding tight to her other present:

It's name is Weaselmonkey, and it squeaks.

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Doris Lessing just won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Well, how about that? Apparently the rumors that her SF output had killed her chances were either exaggerated or dated.

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If you visit Chicago by car, please note that it is illegal to fail to display a front license plate. If you drive a car like the one we occasionally borrow from the in-laws, souped up with a special turbo grille in front that doesn't allow for a license plate, you just might get a $50 ticket.

We did.

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