Inhuman Swill : June 2008

Remembering Algis Budrys

It was a simple drive twelve miles north this morning to get to Skokie for Algis Budrys's memorial service. Laura was unable to join me so I went alone, and I found when I arrived at the funeral home that...  read

Tapped human side

Here's an article about Algis Budrys that ran in yesterday's Chicago Tribune: Tapped human side of science fiction I'm going to head out to Skokie for the service Saturday morning.  read

R.I.P. Algis J. Budrys, 1931-2008

I just heard from Geoff Landis that Algis Budrys passed away this morning. He was one of the great writers, editors, critics, and teachers of science fiction, and as the first week's instructor for my Clarion class in 1985, he...  read