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Brand nude movie review

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I saw a little British film called Cashback earlier this week at a strange mall here in Chicago that seems to have modeled itself after the Guggenheim. I'll tell you about the movie over at Science Fiction Weekly. The mall, well, let's just say the spiraling ramp frustrated my best efforts to exit.

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Ali's well!

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When last we checked in with Ali El Sayed at Kabab Cafe in Astoria, he was papering the doors and getting ready to light out for Egypt. We're pleased to hear, via [info]rajankhanna and the New York Times, that he's back in town and back in form, rumors of plans to join his brother's place down the street notwithstanding:

Pita with a Generous Helping of Quirkiness

Go keep him company for us.

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Via Klima Kat:

Your Score: Ceiling Cat

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You are a master of stealth. They never see you coming. But you always see them coming. HEY-O!

To see all possible results, checka dis.

Link: The Which Lolcat Are You? Test written by GumOtaku on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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It's amazing what a difference it makes when a city agrees to stash its garbage out back in the alleys instead of out front on the sidewalk.

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It was an interesting conversation in a staff meeting at work the next-to-last week of June. "So," said my boss, "you'll be in the office on Thursday the 28th, I hope? Please say yes."

Laura and I were moving from New York City to Chicago on Saturday the 30th—our sixth anniversary—and I thought I had already been pretty clear that I had to take both that Thursday and Friday off. I was keeping my job, and once we were in Chicago I would resume work as usual, except I would be working from home. I was using vacation time for the move.

I considered what to say. People are used to me being kind of an asshole at the office; I rarely hold back from saying what I think, or so my coworkers seem to think, and I believe they find it amusing, annoying, and scary in about equal measure. "The movers come Friday morning," I said. "My wife has been doing the lion's share of the packing, but if I don't pitch in in a big way on Thursday, she'll kill me."

"What if we'll kill you if you don't work that day?" said another of my coworkers. We did have a lot of tough deadlines coming up.

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This lovely parting gift

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We're listening to NPR's "Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me" right now on WBEZ, and it's almost as much fun as it was watching the free live taping Thursday evening at Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park!

One interesting thing is that the segments were not recorded in the same order that they're being played on the air. Also, we've caught a couple of the redo's that were recorded at the end of the show and edited in where bobbles were made.

The special guest this week is Patrick Fitzgerald, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois. Just wait until you hear the lovely parting gift Peter Sagal gives him after his segment. Fitzgerald covered his face in embarrassment as he carried it off stage.

Interesting fact:  One of the redo's recorded at the end of the show was to eliminate the audience's cheering at the first mention of Scooter Libby's conviction.
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Help classify galaxies!

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Vacation disasters

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William Shunn vacations in Canada
An occasional nightmare of mine, in Simpsovision:

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A taste of Chicago

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Pritzker Pavilion and Millennium Park
Yesterday afternoon Laura and I bopped downtown to spend an afternoon gorging ourselves at the Taste of Chicago. After we were too full to go on, we waddled over to Millennium Park and flopped down to hear the Grant Park Orchestra and Karen Brunssen rehearse Duruflé's Requiem at the Frank Gehry–designed Jay Pritzker Pavilion. On the way back to the train, we tried spotting ourselves in the reflective surface of Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate—known locally as The Bean.

And of course we took some pictures. Something more than half of these are Laura's, something less than half mine.

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Magic words

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A Walk in Chicago
We have arrived in Chicago safely, we have moved into our mostly refinished apartment, and we have put our things mostly into place. I will post a more detailed chronicle of our adventures at some point, but for now I offer you a pair of amazing magic words:

Central air.

In the meantime, here is a set of photos from a walk around our new neighborhood with the in-laws on Independence Day.

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