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Terror in the air-er

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Call me an ice-veined flyer, but I really want to see both Red Eye and Flightplan. Had a chance to see the latter for free last week and missed it. Kicking self now.

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Roger Ebert points out to us today that "The Greatest Game Ever Played was a game of golf, in case you thought your team might have been involved." Ha.

Laura and I saw a preview screening of The Greatest Game Ever Played Monday night. Structurally it was a mess—the first third or so succumbs to the lack of clarity about people, places, and relationships that seems to plague based-on-a-true-story period pieces. But even so, we both found the movie unexpectedly involving, and by the end we were both so caught up in the final match that we were clutching each other and applauding.

Bill Paxton's direction* calls maybe too much attention to itself, particularly in flashy CGI shots that follow golf balls along their dizzying trajectories, and Shia "Café" LaBeouf is good but not distinguised in the lead role. What makes the movie gripping, though, is that the showdown is between two very likeable characters who respect each other, either of whom we would be happy to see win.

Anyway, if you don't mind a blatantly manipulative, crowd-pleasing, feel-good historical golf epic, you'll probably enjoy this. We did.

If you like a good, dark, thoughtful thriller that successfully wrestles with Big Questions, see Bill Paxton's directorial debut, Frailty. It's harrowing. Highly recommended.

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Our own [info]bobhowe, if you didn't know, can now have the descriptor anthologist extraordinaire prepended to his name, as in anthologist extraordinaire Robert J. Howe.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, pop over to his place and get in line for some Coney Island Wonder Stories.

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They were splashier too

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Hey, [info]bobhowe informs me that another of my submissions made it to Overheard in New York. Cool.

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But it *is* a life sentence

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Saw a kid on the subway the other day wearing a great T-shirt:

STUPIDITY IS NOT A CRIME... you're free to go.
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It's a sad failing of mine, I know, but I'm afraid I can't get out of everyone's way at once.

This is only a problem because you wouldn't let me get to the empty space at the center of the train.

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See, if you would move into the empty space at the center of the train, I wouldn't have to bump you trying to get to the empty space at the center of the train myself.

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Smile and say "Nautilus!"

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Speaking of giant squid ... giant squid!

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[info]bobhowe and I saw Grizzly Man last Saturday, and just now on coffee break we were cracking each other up with our Werner Herzog impressions:

"Ven I look into de eyes of de beah, I see de flat, dead stahe of Leni Riefenstahl, above me in de dark viss de vhip..."

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The fourth wolf

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Okay, some higher-quality excerpts from my Saturday appearance on Jim Freund's "Hour of the Wolf" are up and available on my site. Find 'em here. And find earlier appearances here.

And don't miss the cameo by our own [info]steelbrassnwood! (Or at least by a recording of his. Thanks, Ken!)

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