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A while back I posted the drawing from The New Yorker's latest cartoon caption contest. The winner has been announced, and though it's not mine it's a good one:

"He feels he can do more good working within the system."
For the record, my entry was the somewhat lamer:

"If you finish it, your meal is free."

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Meme me up

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Via [info]pnh...

Starship Captian! by Uberdude
What is the name of your starship?
Uptight First Officerwomzilla
Closeted Helm/ Navigationmagnoliafrog
Token Alien Scientistbobhowe
Tarty Nymphomaniac Yeomansdn
Substance Abusing Ship's Doctoreleanor
Ensign Smith (aka "the victim")kijjohnson
Ship's Engineer /Drunkreadwrite
Arch Nemesis Alien Commandertafkak
Your ship's secret weaponThe Genesis Device
How dose your mission end?Destroyed the Galaxy
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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As I was accompanying Laura to the front door this morning, I chanced to notice an oversized envelope with Storyteller Magazine as its return address sticking out of our mailbox. I opened the envelope then and there, and I just about fell over when I saw the cover on my contributor's copies of the Winter 2004 issue.

I do not know if this issue is available yet on newsstands in the U.S. (or Canada, for that matter), but I'll surely holler when I find out.

(By the way, "The Ice Queen" is the story I read in December on Hour of the Wolf, the audio of which can be found here.)

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Random short takes

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I need to start carrying a camera. Tuesday morning I took Ella for a morning walk down to the East River. The bare edge of the rising sun was reflecting from the windows of high-rises in Manhattan and on Roosevelt Island as if bright red lanterns were burning in apartments and offices everywhere. And the water was filled with big chunks of sheet ice flowing upriver as the tide came in. Man.

Despite its reputation, I'm constantly delighted by what a friendly town New York City. But take one little tumble down the subways stairs and no one will look you in the eye.
Do you ever see someone applying makeup on the subway platform and feel the temptation to say "You missed a spot"?
I'm sure Ella's not the only dog in the world who loves to stick her whole face into snowbanks, but I wouldn't feel as happy watching any other dog do it.
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2/8 reads 2/7 in Manhattan

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Well, what do you know! This just in from the New York Review of Science Fiction Reading Series mailing list:

The New York Review of Science Fiction and the South Street Seaport Museum Present

The Eighth of February Writer's Group
Monday, February 7th, 7 o'clock

Hosted and guest-curated by William Shunn, featuring Richard Bowes, Jae Brim, David Barr Kirtley, Barbara Krasnoff, and Robert J. Howe.

The 8TH OF FEBRUARY GROUP is a private writing workshop specializing in science fiction and fantasy which meets monthly in Manhattan. It is named for Jules Verne, the genre pioneer who was born on that date in 1828. The workshop was founded by Robert J. Howe and William Shunn, both 1985 graduates of the Clarion Workshop, and has just celebrated its first anniversary.

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Interview snippet of the week

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From the latest issue of Science Fiction Weekly:

[Nick Gevers:]  Your next published novel will be Mammoth, due out in mid-2005. This features the rebirth of the eponymous prehistoric species. In exploring this theme, do you concur with the sentiments of the Jurassic Park films, or is your vision different, more complex?

[John] Varley:  Actually, I don't remember much about Jurassic Park except the T. Rex chewing up the SUV. That was cool. Oh, yeah, and the lawyer being plucked out of the porta-potty and swallowed whole. Even cooler.

The full interview is, of course, recommended to Varley fans, especially for the news about new novels in the works.

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Dig this blizzard warning for the New York area from the National Weather Service. My favorite part:



I'm supposed to fly to Chicago for business this weekend. I'm starting to hope think it's not going to happen.

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A tall shadow

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Sometimes you feel pang because you don't have a camera at hand. This morning when I emerged from the subway station to go to work, I looked up Park Avenue to see the Met Life building looming there over Grand Central Station, with the sun casting the giant shadow of the top quarter of the Chrysler Building directly onto its face. Sometimes the sights of nature stop the breath, and other times artificial beauty can cast the same spell.

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Your tax dollars at work

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(Asshole-sourcing provided by Reverse DNS Lookup.)

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January's CD mix of the month

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