Inhuman Swill : October 2011

Boxed in

One of Chicago's great selling points as a "livable" city is its alleys. Unlike New Yorkers, Chicagoans can stash their smelly garbage bins out back and keep them off the sidewalks. If they're lucky enough to have a garage, like...  read

My 2012 World Series prediction

Some of you know I co-produce and co-host a monthly reading series, Tuesday Funk, at a great little bar here in Chicago. At our October event about three weeks ago, I read my story "The Visitors at Wriggly Field," which...  read

On the other side of the doorbell

They finally caught up with me. It was bound to happen eventually. It was Sunday evening. My wife and I had only been back home for a couple of hours after a long weekend in New York City. The doorbell...  read

A higher attraction

If we were zombies I promise you that I would love you for your brain  read