April 2006 | Inhuman Swill | William Shunn
Inhuman Swill : April 2006

The 6.585 x 1021 ton elephant in the room

I began thinking about global warming again today, sparked by a posting by Christopher Bigelow—or rather, by a couple of the complacent jackasses who responded to the post. (Sorry if they're friends of yours, Chris.) While I think it's nice...  read

If this had been an actual emergency...

For the past few days, I've thought I might smell just a dash, just a soupçon, just one wafer-thin mint's worth of natural gas in the kitchen. I would sniff, and my wife would tell me I was crazy. It...  read

Fahrenheit 451

A dystopian classic shows us the temperature at which the New York stage catches fire.  read