Inhuman Swill : November 2004

Lyrics that make me laugh

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Things may get a whole lot worse
Before suddenly falling apart

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From the web feedback bin

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I have a geat story line that I am willing to sell,I was going to go through the steps myself of writing and all,but chose not to,,this is a very good ,drama,action,mystery American Way of Life story,,,it is good,,Very Good.

Good luck! I hope you find someone to write it for you.
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Debugging the billboard

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In various spots around the city, mostly on the railings that ring the entrances to subway stations, video billboards have been placed. They're like the Jumbotrons at your local sports arena, built with an array of rasterized colored lights, but much smaller—say, two feet wide and four feet high. A cycle of ads usually run on these things, silent commercials for TV shows, upcoming concerts, soft drinks, and so forth.

I hadn't really been curious about what sort of computer hardware lay behind these displays, but now at least I know that it's AMIBIOS and a Pentium 4 processor. That's because for at least the last three hours, the one on the southeast corner of Park Avenue and 32nd Street has been displaying its BIOS startup screen instead of its ads. (Or maybe this is an ad, for American Megatrends or Intel. But if so, it's not a very good one.)

At a guess, it's a lot more likely that the OS is Windows than, say, Linux. As amusing as a bug like this is, it reminds me of the various times I've approached an ATM only to see a Windows startup screen in place of the familiar menu. I don't know about you, but I'm always a little disturbed to be reminded how many of my financial transactions are handled by Microsoft.

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Friday night stars

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Laura and I went to Finding Neverland Friday night with [info]bobhowe, [info]steelbrassnwood, and Shana. What an enthralling, moving film that was. I don't think there was a dry eye in our row—nor in the row ahead of ours, where Hillary Swank and Chad Lowe were sitting. I'd tell you about it, but Laura's report is included in today's celeb-sighting rundown at (Scroll most of the way to the bottom.)

Oh, wait. There were two pairs of dry eyes in the row ahead of ours. Those belonged to the idiotic couple who couldn't stop laughing into each other's ears during the movie. By all means, don't enjoy the movie if you don't enjoy the movie, but try to show a little more courtesy about it.

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Hour of the Wolfe

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From this morning's subway reading:

Toug said, "What about us? How did we get here?"

"The Most High God raised us from the animals. Does that sound horrible?"

Mani [the cat] said, "Well, I certainly don't think so."

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The happy couple

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I received a piece of mail today that looked for all the world like a wedding invitation. You may have received one too. I wondered who on earth we knew who was getting married. When I opened the invitation and lifted the tissue paper inside, I learned. The happy couple is Cingular and AT&T Wireless.

I was almost charmed.

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How to dismantle an atomic bomb

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Laura just called me to say, "Do you have any desire to drop everything and go to a free U2 concert for MTV in Dumbo*?"

Sadly, the answer was yes, but the ability was no.

* Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass—a Brooklyn neighborhood, for you outtatowners.
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Notice to tenants

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The building will be closed on Thursday and Friday november 25th & 26th. In observance of the holiday.

There will be a guard posted in the lobby in the event of an emergency please notify security.

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if I looking for frog

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The wolf deferred

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The building where WBAI has offices had a fire this week. Apparently no one was hurt, but repairs to the building are slow. This means my guest spot on Hour of the Wolf will be postponed for two weeks. More info as we get closer.

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