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AOL Intrusive Messenger

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Raise your hand if AOL automatically added an "AIM Bots" groups to your IM client, with MovieFone and ShoppingBuddy as members.

Fucking AOL. I switched to Trillian to get away from this shit. I guess the only way to escape is to stop using the AIM network altogether.

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Cool shite of the day!

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Remember those heady days of yesteryear, when the Web was young and a shout-out as Cool Site of the Day could make your day for a year? (And why not? You got to put that cool little Cool badge on your site! How cool was that?!)

Those days are long past, but still I could not help but feel a frisson of pride when I realized that the sudden rise in visitors to Says God that started a few weeks back and still has not trailed off entirely was due to a front-page link from, no, not Cool Site of the Day, but National Lampoon! (Scroll about two thirds of the way down and look under "Best of the Web." No, the other "Best of the Web," further down.)

Yes, I can hardly believe it myself. The same comedic geniuses who brought you Vegas Vacation, Loaded Weapon 1, and Van Wilder think that my unassuming little site is one of the funniest things on the Web. Is that a lump I feel in my throat? And if so, a lump of what?

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At last, captured by hidden camera, we can confirm who it is that's been reading our books while we're out.

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November's CD mixes of the month

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Tonight, a sad and unprecedented event. Owing to the annual SFWA cocktail party in Manhattan, I will miss a CD Mix of the Month Club meeting for the first time. My sorrow is boundless, kids, but I'm afraid the sci-fi club comes first.

However, thanks to the welcome accommodation of CDMOM's kind organizer, this does not mean my mixes won't be making the meeting themselves in my absence. My contribution to the November CD Mix of the Month Club will be The Political Animal, with Spicy Stories generously thrown in as Dr. Priapic's Autumn Love Prescription Bone-Us Mix (see jewel-case sticker below).

See, one of our number is attempting to conceive, and it was suggested that mixes of mood music might help, but by the time the suggestion was made my timely political mix was already in the can, so what choice did a simple music programmer have but to move February's Valentine mix forward in the rotation?

I know. TMI. Anyway.

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I have discovered the absurdity inherent in naming one's retail establishment "Staples."

Not that it isn't a fine name for an office-supply store in theory, full of significance and double entendre. But when one visits the supply cabilnet in one's office looking for actual staples, the fact that every box on the shelf seems to promise those items but in fact contain, say, paper clips, an unfortunate reappraisal of the utility of the branding per force takes place.

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The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace

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If The Simpsons had been around when I was in high school, my math teacher Mr. Nelson might have given us problems like this.

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A quick note

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Just a quick note, since it's been a long time since I've posted anything.

Since last time, Laura and I have found a new apartment in our same neighborhood. We don't have to move until January, so the stress of apartment-hunting is gone. Only the stress of the actual moving remains, but we have plenty of time to pack.

[info]bobhowe and I had a fun weekend late in October in Boston, where we went for a mini-reunion with some of our fellow students from Clarion '85. Joe and Gay Haldeman, our second-week instructors, were on hand for the first day of reunioning as well, and a great time was had by all.

Laura and I spent a long weekend (just past) in Madison, Wisconsin, for the World Fantasy Convention. Lovely, lovely time with good panel, good food and drink, and good friends old (Jeff Ford, Mark Rich, and new (Hal Duncan, And, again, drinks with Joe and Gay.

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