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What do the Spanish flu and spirit photography have in common? The answer is Luke Bryant—a teenage boy in 1921 rural Nebraska, whose life is changed by both.

Cast a Cold Eye is a novella Derryl Murphy kindly invited me to work on with him several years ago. It took us nearly four years to write, batting it back and forth between other projects, and it's now been close to two years since we sold it to PS Publishing. And while it won't be out for several more months, it's finally, finally available to be pre-ordered.

There'll be two editions of Cast a Cold Eye that I know of—a signed and jacketed hardcover and an unsigned, unjacketed hardcover.

I'll let Derryl himself (via tell you a little more about the book:

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Does anyone write back-cover copy like this anymore?


      The moment the Interpol agent and his lovely assistants landed in Holland they were in Dutch.
      He was after a drug ring. Who was after him?
      First someone killed his contact.
      Then he ran up against a lethal room clerk.
      Then a bunch of cute Olde Worlde hay dancers went for him with pitchforks.
      Then he got mixed up with some macabre puppet makers.
      It was a Netherlands nightmare—and no waking up.


I mean, how could you not pay 95 cents for this book with a come-on like that? The Interpol agent doesn't even need a name! Uncut excitement, baby.

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