October 2019 | Inhuman Swill | William Shunn
October 2019

My body math index

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Here is an actual thing that happened yesterday at LabCorp, where I went for a routine biometric screening for health insurance purposes.

Tech: How tall are you?

Me: Five-eleven.

Tech takes out phone, taps a while at the screen, writes a number on the form, then goes out of room. Me looks at the form. Me's height is written as 61.3. Tech returns to room.

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Liars&8217; League NYC Presents Accident & Emergency
If you’re in or near Manhattan tonight, I hope you’ll drop by KGB Bar to hear fiction by me and a few other excellent writers, in support of an excellent cause . . .

Wednesday, October 2: 7:00-9:00 pm
Liars’ League NYC presents Accident & Emergency
KGB Bar, 85 E. 4th St., Manhattan

At this long-running series, original short stories are read by professional actors. My new short story “Harper’s Guitar” (a self-contained chapter from my crime novel in progress) will by read Mark Woollett. Also featured are stories by Rachel Lyon, Katherine Shaw, and Arthur Longworth.

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