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A date with the KGB

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Extra! extra!

I'll be reading at KGB on August 16th, together with Elizabeth Bear. News so fresh it's not even on the web site yet!

I'm very excited, and will offer more details as the date gets closer. Hope to see you there!

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Arrrrrr, me hearties

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Despite the collision in front of the theater, I feel compelled to tell you this much about Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. If you had any fondness for the first installment, you must see this new one when it opens on July 7th. And unless you're intimately familiar with the original, you should probably watch it again, just to review all the characters and their various relationships and backstories. It's almost all important, and the new flick doesn't waste much breath on recap. Believe me, you will appreciate the film better if you go prepared.

Oh, and also be prepared for it to end on something of a cliffhanger. Pirates 3 comes out next May!

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So I looked online to find out which post office is closest to my new office. Then I set out through the heavy Queens-Midtown Tunnel–bound traffic to walk there. I needed to get there by 5:00 to put a story in the mail.

Turns out that the post office I chose is basically a garage. No consumer services. Thanks,! Don't worry, though, I still made it to the one on 34th Street in time.

I'm usually a completely paranoid pedestrian, but on my little walk around midtown I stepped in front of a cab. Good thing he didn't feel like running over me! Don't need a sequel to last night's excitement.

I returned to discover that the men's room key is missing. All the men in the office were accounted for, so someone probably left it in the men's room. I can't throw stones. It could have been I.

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3-2-1, a lot of fun!

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Okay, this makes me happy:

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Dead man's chest?

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What I hoped to be writing here this morning was a thumbnail sketch of my night out with Laura last night, when we attended a preview screening of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest at the Ziegfeld.

But immediately afterward, a loud thump soured what had been a terrifically fun evening. We were walking west on 54th toward Seventh Avenue. A section of sidewalk on our side of the street had been blocked off, forcing pedestrians out into traffic—which, typically, was moving too fast. There weren't barriers or safety cones or anything set up. A long semi was parked just beyond the blocked-off area, so there was a long way to walk in the street before being able to get back to the sidewalk.

We managed it fine, but we were about a quarter-block past the mess when we heard a sickening thump from behind us. Laura said, "Someone just got hit by a car."

We both looked back. All we could see around the parked semi was a couple of cars with their brakelights on and a whole lot of pedestrians converging. We decided there were enough people there already and that going to see what had happened would only contribute to the chaos, but today I think we both wish we knew what happened and how it turned out. I've been searching for any news reports online, but no luck.

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June's CD mix of the month

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Owing to a scheduling mix-up on the homefront, I was unable to attend CDMOM this evening at d.b.a. But my mix callously made the trip without me.

So, my contribution to the June CD Mix of the Month Club was In 50 Words or Less...

(The story so far.)

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Story of a disaster

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Remember the Greenpoint warehouse fire on May 2nd? Check out these before-and-after photos by Thomas Brodin.

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ShunnCast #18

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Epidode #18 of "ShunnCast" is now available, in which Joseph Smith and his followers become acquainted with tar and feathers, while Bill hears things he wishes he hadn't from Katrina, his parents, Elder Fowler, and Sister Youtz.

See also [info]shunncast.

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Roger Ebert throws up his

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Roger Ebert throws up his hands in response to readers who took issue with his review of An Inconvenient Truth:

I cannot get into a scientific discussion here. There will be no end to it. All I can say is, the Gore documentary made a deep impression on me. I urge you to see it. You will not be seeing a "campaign film," or "sour grapes," or "Gore still being bitter." George W. Bush has repeated for six years that global warming "requires more study." If Gore has spent six years studying it, aren't his findings worthy of attention? Yes, I'm "being political." But saying the issue "needs more study" is a political statement when energy groups are among your major supporters and your family is in the oil business.  [full response]
Good point.
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