The best morning of my professional career so far

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I woke up this morning to find an inbox flooded with congratulations on being nominated for the Hugo Award! Okay, so the majority of them were copies of one email from [info]gregvaneekhout that inexplicably keeps getting redelivered, but still. Greg can congratulate me on being nominated as many times as he wants!

Just let me say, I am stunned. Which is odd, because the nominees are all informed early, and I've known about this for almost two weeks. But this morning I find I am stunned all over again, even moreso than when I was first informed of the nomination. This is without a doubt the greatest morning of my professional career so far. I am thrilled. The idea that readers out there not only read something I wrote but liked it well enough to nominate it for a Hugo is amazing to me. I am not exaggerating to say this is a childhood dream.

To everyone who read and nominated "Inclination" for best novella, I wish I could hug you all. Thank you!

I will have more to say about this later today, much more, but even Hugo nominees have to go out and walk the dog on Thursday mornings!

Wait, one more thing. We're going to Japan!

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Did you actually go to work after hearing this news???

Congrats again, we're bragging about you down here in the swamplands.

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