Originally published in Asimov's Science Fiction, April/May 2006.

Jude is a young boy living in a technophobic religious enclave within a much larger space station. When his father sends him to work among the biomodded Sculpted, Jude encounters a wider world he knew nothing about, and finds himself confronted by choices he couldn't have imagined just days earlier.

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alexmaniu Author Profile Page:

Dear William Shun,

As I have been searching for a contact address on your site and still haven't found one, I would like to leave a message here and hope for further communication on a private level.
My name is Alexandru Maniu and I represent a Romanian publishing house from Timisoara. I would very much like to discuss issues regarding translation and copyright for one of your novellas (Inclination) but as I said in private. Our email address is
Please contact me as soon as possible

Respectfully yours,
Alexandru Maniu
Associate Editor