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I understand that the August CD Mix of the Month Club meeting had to be postponed until September. (They're now meeting every other month. CDMOEOM?) Still, I pulled a mix down off the shelf for August. Memories of the Reagan Administration is a distillation of the kind of stuff I was seeking out on alternative radio during my musical coming-of-age. Until my senior year of high school, I listened mostly to jazz and classical piano. This is some of the music that helped open my head to other sounds. It seemed an appropriate mix to accompany my 40th birthday.

I hope you'll click the album cover and check out it and the back cover at full size. Of all the many disc covers I've made, I think I like this one the best.

Oh, by the way, this disc is on its way now to the four of you out there who were runners-up in my mix disc giveaway from a couple of months back. Watch your mailboxes!

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