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I did in fact make it out to the December convocation of the CD Mix of the Month Club, which was held at IBop Karaoke on 35th Street. A good time seemed to be had by all that made it, and I nurture secret hopes that Alan will post that video of me singing "Nasty" on YouTube.

Because I haven't made a meeting since September, I brought two offerings this time around: Strange Bedfellows, plus Songsmither Smackdown!! as a bonus mix. The former is a collection of collaborative tracks, with my personal favorite being the extended version of the Billy Joel track "Zanzibar" that includes a hell of a trumpet solo from Freddie Hubbard. The latter is a face-off between two artists that are better known for juvenile humor than for their songs in their catalogs that, as opposed to being direct parodies, are skillfully written and performed in the styles of other artists. (Some Rutles is thrown in for good measure.)

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