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Ella un-a-cyst-ed

I've been so focused on my book for the past year or more that I can't even remember the last time I posted an Ella update here to the blog. I find that unconscionable, so I'm here to remedy that....  read


sleeping puppy feet pressed against my human toes twitch in doggish dreams ...  read

Ella and the invisible hounds of hell

Ella the Wonder Dog saves the day again, this time warning the Invisible Hounds of Hell away from Astoria before they can instantiate a doorway into our dimension. ...  read

Ella and the yeti of frantic doghousing

Oh, what fun it is to play around with the slideshow-making capacities of QuickTime Pro and the music-compressing capacities of Adobe Audition! Not to mention what fun it is to play with the dog. ...  read

Ella and the sphere of ultimate evil

In this brief wintry clip, Ella demonstrates her rebounding technique: ...  read

Ella and the garden of Zen wrestling

Ella spars around a Japanese maple with her arch-nemesis Nyla for four and a half tranquil minutes, accompanied only by the soft, soothing sounds of news radio. Pure bliss-out: ...  read