Inhuman Swill : Haiku

And I love her

Lonesome alto sax in the shadows on Broadway moans "And I Love Her."  read

Saturday morning in Astoria, Queens

Nail salon workers Lined up in a row of five Taking a selfie  read

Uh-oh! Oreo!

Oreo packet, rip'd open and crush'd on the subway floor. Tragic. —for the kid in all of us  read

Springtime in Manhattan

Tourists in Times Square Blocking the sidewalk to gape At an ambulance  read


Little neighbor girl Waving to a cardinal: "Parrot! Hi, parrot!"  read

Share the wealth

Homeless man feeding his McDonald's French fries to pigeons. Share the wealth.  read

Just resting

Dead squirrel lies prone, Chin resting on its two paws. Looks like it's sleeping.  read

4 across

senior citizens holding hands like preschoolers blocking the sidewalk  read

Memory Lane

She strains at the leash, Trying to turn the corner. "Not that way," I say. But Ella insists, So I give in and follow. Not that big a deal. This short, narrow lane, It's a valid path back home, Not...  read

The trade-off

Maggie Thatcher's dead, but so is Roger Ebert. Always a trade-off.  read