Inhuman Swill : Poems : Page 2

Just resting

Dead squirrel lies prone, Chin resting on its two paws. Looks like it's sleeping. ...  read

4 across

senior citizens holding hands like preschoolers blocking the sidewalk ...  read

Memory Lane

She strains at the leash, Trying to turn the corner. "Not that way," I say. But Ella insists, So I give in and follow. Not that big a deal. This short, narrow lane, It's a valid path back home, Not...  read

The trade-off

Maggie Thatcher's dead, but so is Roger Ebert. Always a trade-off. ...  read

Signs of spring

cigar aroma wafting in from the golf course signals that it's spring ...  read

Tasting notes

Malt Caramel Subtle peppery undertone Juniper Crisp pine Grapefruit aroma Chocolate Mellow hops Rich toffee notes Freshly baked biscuits Clean desert aroma Citrus weed Tangy cactus spine Horse blanket Slight nuttiness Hints of bourbon Smoked rubber Magnesium flare Coconut oil...  read

Biking on Bryn Mawr

Biking on Bryn Mawr Avenue, clear sky, afternoon sun, I pull over to the curb for the ambulance hurtling my way. But it turns on Clark, and as I pass through the intersection I see the gapers gathered, the body...  read

A higher attraction

If we were zombies I promise you that I would love you for your brain ...  read

Robert A. Black Golf Course, Warren Park, Chicago

Golfers in the rain with travel mugs of coffee, like this is their job. ...  read


I come to you, love, like a zombie in your thrall, hungry for your brains. ...  read