Inhuman Swill : Cast a Cold Eye

Cast a warm eye on "Cast a Cold Eye"

Cast a Cold Eye, the ghostly novella I wrote with Derryl Murphy, appeared ten years ago as a limited-edition hardcover to exceptionally kind reviews. Now it's coming back to life as an ebook.  read

Cast in cold type

I've sold a book! Well, half a book, anyway. A dark fantasy novella, to be precise. According to my records, it was over four years ago that Derryl Murphy dropped me a note that said: I've had this idea rattling...  read

Casting a cold eye upon the waters

I have cast a new novella, "Cast a Cold Eye," written in collaboration with and at the instigation of Derryl Murphy, out upon the postal waters. Sail, little ghost story! Sail swiftly to your destination, and on those leeward shores...  read

Casting a not-so-cold eye

I don't often post about my writing progress here, because usually it inches along with such dismal slowness. I have been unusually disciplined working on projects over the past few months, though, and am feeling good about it all this...  read