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Sturgeon finalist!

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Holy cow! In news of the entirely unexpected, I learned this morning that "Inclination" is a finalist for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for best short science fiction! Here's the full list of finalists, including many friends and other very familiar names:

Congratulations especially to Blue Heaven cohort Paolo, and to LJers [info]14theditch and [info]ianmcdonald. And a big hearty slap on the back to [info]paulmelko, who just keeps getting nominated for every award I do. Paul, that's so annoying cool!

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Via [info]planetalyx, who was lucky enough to get to be Bennet.

Your Score: Zach

You scored 37 Idealism, 58 Nonconformity, 45 Nerdiness

You gotta embrace your inner freak. 'Cause the only thing you'll regret is denying who you really are.
Congratulations, you're Zach! You're nerdy, strange, slightly snarky, and proud of it! You're also a nice guy and really trustworthy friend. Any cheerleader (or, well, anyone) should consider his or herself extremely fortunate to be friends with a person like you.

Your best quality: You're an all-around great friend
Your worst quality: You don't get along well with annoying little brothers

Link: The Heroes Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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May's CD mix of the month

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It was a historic occasion last night. I was the only person who brought a contribution to the May CD Mix of the Month Club. (It was a charming collection of animal songs called The Bestiary.) I was also very nearly the only person who showed up at all! But after an hour of solitary Johnnie Walker Black Label and Guinness (not in the same glass), my self-proclaimed stalker Ali showed up, and we were later joined by her friend who's in town driving the tour bus for Earth, Wind & Fire. It was a good time, and I didn't go home empty-handed because Ali brought a copy of her mix from last month that I hadn't gotten.

But one has to wonder if CDMOM is beginning to die. That would be sad, but understandable since we've been going almost three years already. Next month will be my last meeting, though, in any event, and with luck a big crowd will show up to bid Laura and me farewell. I already have my mix ready, and it's called From Gotham to the Windy City. But no preview yet of the track listing!

(The story so far.)

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Balticon schedule

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Derby, 10 PM
Carol Berg, Joshua Palmatier, Laurence Schoen, William Shunn, Diane Weinstein

Derby, 3 PM
Walter Hunt, Robert Jeschonek, Melissa Marr, Jana G. Oliver, Joshua Palmatier, William Shunn

Salon F, 12 PM
Matthew Wayne Selznick, Jason Adams, Heather Welliver, William Shunn, Phil Rossi

Salon E, 4 PM
Grailwolf, Command Line, Chris Merle, William Shunn, Mur Lafferty, Leann Mabry

10 AM
William Shunn

Derby, 11 AM
Cindy Shockley, JR Blackwell, Tee Morris, William Shunn, Rich Sigfrit, J.C. Hutchins, Renfield, Steve Wilson, Leann Mabry

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Goodbye, piano!

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Goodbye, piano!
Bill the Piano Mover was quick and efficient, but it was still a sad morning:

Treat her well, Zach!

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Would you be weirded out to step into an elevator and then realize that the walls are all covered with plastic sheeting?

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Rocky goes down

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One of the pleasures of owning a dog is taking her for walks at Astoria Park during the morning off-leash hours. Ella loves to chase squirrels, so much so that Laura and I have to call them "rockies" when we talk. If Ella hears the word "squirrel," she instantly goes on high-alert.

Ella has never caught a squirrel, though she comes close sometimes. She is usually startled to round a tree up which her quarry has run and not find the squirrel behind it. Only rarely does she look up and realize that the squirrel is now above her, taunting her. (Yes, Shaun of the Dead fans, dogs can look up.)

Yesterday morning, Ella and I took a long early walk. The squirrel chasing was great. She came close to catching a black squirrel that passed up two perfectly good trees on its run. Are the black squirrels dumber? I'm not sure.

Anyway, after a long circuit of the park, Ella and I neared the infamous Charybdis Playground. I saw a dog we know named Sultan, a large furry black dog, part chow, I think, up ahead near the playground wall. Sultan was sniffing around near the base of the wall behind a tree, maybe pawing at something.

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Mormons on pseudoephedrine

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Dooce has a terrific little audio snippet of a Utah traffic reporter who unintentionally reveals her religious affiliation on the air:

Only in Utah

Good thing she wasn't flying the chopper! And shouldn't cold medicine be against the Word of Wisdom?

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William Shunn, James Patrick Kelly, Paul Melko
Laura wielded her camera at the Nebula ceremony to caption more of the hotties of science fiction. Here, f'rinstance, [info]paulmelko and I pose with novella victor James Patrick Kelly:

Didn't Melko look fine in that tux? Too bad it didn't distract Jim enough to let me grab the Lucite and run.

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Ron Hogan of MediaBistro's GalleyCat certainly had an eye for the hotties at the Nebula banquet this past Saturday. Amongst the objects of his roving camera eye....

Update:  For those arriving without context, that's my wife on the left, and GalleyCat is perhaps unduly, perhaps ironically fixated on the "hotties of publishing"—of both genders.
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