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Antevellum is good for you!

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Hard for me to post links right now ON THIS RUNWAY, but you should go over to John Klima's, find the right post, and read "Antevellum" by Ezra Pines. 'Speshly you SFWA types. It's a lovely, evocative story, and good reading even if you haven't read Hal Duncan's vellum opus.

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Posting from BlackBerry

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That storm barreling down on you New Yorkers? It has us grounded in Pittsburgh. We spent a long time in a holding pattern. Our pilot wanted to refuel anyway, but then the FAA closed arrivals. So here we are waiting on the runway.

I have a book, but perhaps The Lathe of Heaven is not the most comforting reading material....

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Shelves finally up and filled
As we unpacked all the books and shelved them, I also LibraryThung them all. (That's the past participle of the verb to LibraryThing.) That is how I know we have nearly 1,200 books in our collection. Not a huge number by some standards, but significantly smaller than the number of books we had two moves ago. Between giveaway parties, library donations, and Strand sales, we've unloaded at least half of our books in the past two years.

Oh, part of the process of shelving the books was installing the shelves themselves. We picked up three big new bookcases for the main rooms from Ikea, but in my home office I hung the custom shelves that have moved with us, again, twice:

Hey, if you're on LibraryThing too, let's be friends.

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Worldcon schedule

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Here, if you're interested, is my Worldcon program schedule:

Sat 1400 Religion In SF Participants: Jessica LANGER, Kari MAUND, Robert Charles WILSON, William SHUNN Though their pursuits are not mutually exclusive, religion and speculative fiction are almost anathema to one another. In SF, religion is ridiculed as superstition, derided as a pursuit of less advanced minds. Why is this kind of discrimination acceptable? Why are there not more proudly religious characters in SF? Sun 1400 The Integration of Science and Religion in SF&F Participants: Lisa C FREITAG, Robert Charles WILSON, William SHUNN, Edward JAMES Science Fiction is the literature of the humanist, the rationalist and the skeptic. As theoretical physicists look at the underpinnings of the physical universe, they see the presence of the hand of God. How do authors integrate religion and science? Can it only be done in fantasy?
If you'll be there, I hope you'll catch the Saturday panel or its Sunday rerun!

(Full schedule.)

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Prithee, Tastee Freez!

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For my birthday lunch, Laura, Ella, and I headed around the corner to our local Tastee Freez for a grand repast of Chicago dogs (fully loaded), fries, and root beer floats. Yum.

My birthday dinner will be a somewhat grander affair, being at Morton's.

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"Sing this with me!"

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To quote Bono:

This is 40

Of course, the bastard was only 23 when he said it.
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Here's a photo Laura took

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Here's a photo Laura took with her birthday camera at Montrose Dog Beach here in Chicago:

I'd say, for best effect, check it out in its original size.

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We thought we could beat the thunderstorms. That is why last Monday evening I walked thirty minutes to a showing of Live Free or Die Hard, while Laura biked to Pipers Alley to meet up with the running group she was attending for the first time.

I thoroughly enjoyed my movie, even the patently preposterous parts toward the end, and I emerged to discover that it had rained while I was inside. A lot. Laura, on the other hand, ran with the group and biked home in it.

So it was that when I arrived home I found her recuperating on the couch in front of the television. She had the Travel Channel on, and had paused the live feed. "You need to watch this," she said. "Before you do anything else. I guarantee it will make you happy."

This is what she showed me:

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Full chapbook cover

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An Alternate History of the 21st Century
Mattias Adolfsson has posted his full original cover art for my upcoming chapbook in his blog:

Great stuff! And John Klima has some nice things to say about both the art and the chapbook itself over at his blog.

The chapbook should be coming in about a month's time. Don't forget to pre-order your copy for just five bucks.

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A quick glance at the New York Times site makes us happy we're not in Gotham today. We hope all our New York friends are staying dry and cool and above ground and above water, and—possible tornado in Bay Ridge???—not blowing away!

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