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Mormon underwear is about to get its closeup

Not many people outside of Utah may be aware of it, but a controversy is brewing—and it has to do with Mormon underwear. Specifically, it has to do with the portrayal of Mormon underwear on network television. As reported by...  read

The Book of Mormon: The Musical: The Review

It used to be that when people would find out I'm a former Mormon, they'd ask me whether or not I watch Big Love and how closely it matches my experience of growing up in Utah. (Answers: "Yes" and "Not...  read

Little Brother

This theater review was originally published online at Science Fiction Weekly, June 15, 2009. Chicago theatergoers with a taste for technogeekery and a passion for politics are in luck this summer. The Griffin Theatre Company ( is currently staging an...  read

King Kong

An off-off-Broadway production brings the Eighth Wonder of the World to the most intimate stage of them all—the stage of the mind.  read

Evil Dead: The Musical

A screamingly funny off-Broadway musical prods its audience to bust a gut by doing the same thing to its cast—literally.  read

Fahrenheit 451

A dystopian classic shows us the temperature at which the New York stage catches fire.  read


Live robots rampage through a riff on intelligence, individual rights, and Henrik Ibsen.  read

The Last Starfighter: The Musical

A new musical based on the beloved film blasts audiences into battle in space.  read