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Snakes and arrows

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Sadly, I will miss the Rush Snakes & Arrows tour in New York, as it will arrive in town just after we move. That's okay, though, because I hate going to Jones Beach, and Rush will play Chicago in September!

I am downloading the new single, "Far Cry," from iTunes as we speak.

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I've acquired a whole lot of mix CDs over the years, from friends, acquaintances, and correspondents, and I've added commercial CDs to my collection after finding them in the stereos of cars I've rented. (This, for instance, is why I own a copy of the Love and Basketball soundtrack.)

But last Wednesday was the first time I've added a mix CD to my collection after finding it in a rental car stereo. And I have to say, it was pretty disappointing. I liked only about a sixth of what's on it. In the future when I have the choice, I'll think I'll stick to mix CDs from sources I trust.

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Heads or tail?

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I'm not sure which would be worse to receive—a head in a box, or, um, something else in a box.

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I've just been listening to some Gordon Lightfoot. I'm not familiar with his œuvre beyond the three of four biggest hits, so I was a little puzzled when I heard him singing about the "ghosts of gay porn."

Ah. I learn from the track listing that it's the "Ghosts of Cape Horn." Well, that casts the song in a different light.

Funny enunciation you've got there, Gord.

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My main contribution to this evening's CD Mix of the Month Club for March is Into the Lens, a celebration of the great photography in which so many CDMOM-ers seem to indulge.

I'm feeling some urgency about these terrific little get-togethers, since there are only four left to go before moving day, so I'm sneaking in all the extra mixes I can. This time around the just-because-I'm-leaving-soon bonus mix is Four by Four: Four Letter Words from Four Letter Artists, the second volume of my four-volume Four Letter Words series.

There's also great news, in that our CDMOM mom, Lisa, had her baby Sienna yesterday. I feel like we're all aunts and uncles. Congratulations to Lisa and Yves, and to Sienna who will grow up with great parents and lots of good music around.

(The story so far.)

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When colossi walked the earth

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Speaking of saxophone colossi, it turns out that one of Bret Primack's gigs these days is tagging along with Sonny Rollins and producing a monthly video podcast. Check this out, you jazz fans:

The Sonny Rollins Podcast
My somewhat cheeky "Sci-Fi Colossus" icon here is based on the cover of the classic 1956 Sonny Rollins album Saxophone Colossus. The man is now 76, and still going strong.
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Since I forgot to burn a promised DVD for David Bowie fan [info]steelbrassnwood before the episode vanished from our DVR, I went digging through YouTube to find this hilarious scene from the BBC/HBO series Extras. ([info]rajankhanna, I know you're a Bowie fan too). I knew it had to be there somewhere.

Do you watch Extras? If not, you should. To set the scene, Ricky Gervais plays the star of a popular new lowbrow sitcom, but he can't enjoy his success because he knows he sold out. He and his entourage have just had to leave the VIP area of a trendy club to make way for David Bowie:

This song has been stuck in our heads for weeks. (Pug, pug! Pug, pug!)

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Michael Brecker memorial

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[info]steelbrassnwood hipped me to a Michael Brecker memorial service taking place this evening at Town Hall in Manhattan from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. Doors open at 5:15. All friends and fans are invited to attend.

More info Even more info
I won't be able to go myself, but I sure wish I could.

Clicking around following Brecker links this morning, I ran across a very nice tribute video at, which happens to have been done by Bret Primack, a jazz journalist I used to work with back in the halcyon days of N2K. My first Web job in the big city! Can't believe it's been ten years since I took that job.

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Okay, Greg's news about Rush is pretty damn cool, but how about this?

The Police at Madison Square Garden

(Yes, I know, sounds like the Republican National Convention, but hey.)

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The Mozart of porn

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Via Andrew Lienhard...

Attention, lovers of '70s electrofunk and/or same-era porn. German composer Klaus Harmony's soundtracks are for you!

And I'm talking to you, [info]asphalteden.

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