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So, after a week of my urging, you still haven't purchased a copy of my memoir, The Accidental Terrorist: Confessions of a Reluctant Missionary. Hmm.

No, don't apologize. I understand that a book about a depressed missionary intertwined with a biography of Joseph Smith doesn't exactly sound like a must-buy.

That's why I'm going showing you the video clip below. If you still don't want to get the book after watching it, no hard feelings. But if you do, for a limited time you can grab a signed and personalized edition for only $19.95 in hardcover or $11.95 in trade paperback,—with free shipping in the United States. Or get the ebook edition for the ridiculously low price of 99 cents!

But you need to puzzle out the password to watch the video. Do you have the expertise you need?

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Difficult Times Francis

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I want to offer sadly belated congratulations to friend and former CD Mix of the Month Club compatriot Francis Heaney, who made his Sunday crossword puzzle debut in the New York Times this past, er, Sunday. Way to go, Francis!

Now if only I were a subscriber so I could test my mettle against Francis's by-all-reports-monstrous puzzle.

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Two by Four: Four Letter Words Double Down
Once again, I will have to miss this this evening's CD Mix of the Month Club meeting, owing to previous commitments. But I'll try to find someone who can bring my mixes, the third and fourth entries in my "Four Letter Words" series: Two by Four: Four Letter Words Double Down and The Only ____ in ____: Four Letter Words of Puzzlement.

Yes, Gentle Readers, I am not posting a track listing for that second mix. Why not? It's a puzzle! The track listing consists of two chains, the first 11 tracks long, the second 8. The title of each track consists of two four-letter words, the first of which is the second word of the previous track title. (For instance, "Aces High" by Iron Maiden might be followed by Men at Work's "High Wire," or by Juno's "High Noon.") In addition, each chain itself has a title that can be derived from the track titles.

The two puzzles follow. I'll mail a copy of the mix to the first person who can email me with the titles of the two chains. I'll mail copies of all four "Four Letter Words" mixes to the first person who can email me with the complete track listing for both chains. Send entries to puzzle at shunn dot net. (Answers posted here in the comments section will be deleted.)

Click front cover for Puzzle #1

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