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To my dear former friends at The Week:

I am highly annoyed by The Week's handling of my subscription. I received your magazine just fine for several months at my new address. Suddenly I realized that I had not received an issue for a few weeks. I checked my subscription status at your web site only to find that "the post office has notified us that the address we have listed on your subscription is incorrect."

Well, that's ridiculous because mail—including, once upon a time, my subscription to The Week—gets to me at that address just fine.

Nonetheless, knowing that the post office is picky about things, I updated my address a couple of months ago, but I still have not received any further issues. I checked the site again today only to find that same ridiculous objection about the post office.

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Sesame Workshop publishes a whole mess of magazines: Sesame Street Magazine, Sesame Street Parents, Kid City, Contact Kids, Sesame Street Padres, and maybe more I'm not remembering. At least, they did until today.

Apparently the entire magazine group, including the ad sales people who work with Online, are over packing up their stuff right now. The fine magazines are all expiring, with the exception, I believe, of Sesame Street Magazine, which will be sold to AOL-Time-Warner and bundled with their magazine Parenting. At least, that's the rumor I hear.

I think morale at the Workshop is about to hit an all-time low. I think someone should mount a suicide watch for Telly—I'm afraid they're going to find him in the bathtub with his wrists slashed and foam stuffing pouring out.

One of the big projects I'm working on for the web site right now involves content from the magazines. Who knows what the future of that is now? Who knows if my position will even survive until the end of April?

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