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Strangely, just a few weeks ago I told Laura I'd be willing, if only it would help make the world a safer place, to make the same sacrifice Eric Schwartz proposes at the end of his new song:

"Clinton Got a Blowjob" (mp3)

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It makes me sick to my stomach to read the words of America's brilliant and articulate founding fathers and to contemplate the treatises our newest King George would write were he ever to take up quill and ink for more than declaring war on feckless dictatorships, signing away American civil liberties, and doodling on the Constitution during Cabinet meetings.

Still, it's important to understand how far we've fallen as a nation, so let me be the umpty-umpth patriot to link to...

What Would the Founders Say? by Hume's Ghost

...and ask aloud why these comparisons aren't being made on the front page of the New York Times and all the rest of the toothless Fourth Estate.

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Via [info]fjm (a better citizen, no doubt, than many citizens):

You Passed the US Citizenship Test
Congratulations - you got 10 out of 10 correct!
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