Urim and Thummim
In L.D.S. mythology, a device used by prophets in times both ancient and modern to translate foreign writings and to receive revelation. The device consisted of two peepstones which fit into spectacles attached to a breastplate.

The Urim and Thummim were among the items buried with the Golden Plates and delivered to Joseph Smith by the angel Moroni. Smith purportedly used them to assist in the work of translation that produced the Book of Mormon.
Utah Mormon
A disparaging term used by Saints from outside of Utah to indicate a usually hypocritical Mormon who feels smug and superior in his spirituality due to his proximity to Church headquarters.

Non-Utah Mormons feel that, living amongst so many gentiles, they have more opportunities for spiritual challenges and growth-promoting experiences -- which, of course, makes them better than Utah Mormons.

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