More on Formatting : February 2009

Automatic page numbers in Word

A reader writes to ask: I had a quick question for you regarding header formatting for novel manuscripts. I'm trying to customize the autotext feature for headers to follow the example you gave: Author / Book Title / Page #...  read

Formatting text in interesting shapes

A reader writes to ask: Do you have any direction to point me in formatting elaborate typesets in manuscript. i.e. I have a sex scene written in the shape of a penis. Any help? An interesting question, and one that...  read

Word count discrepencies in novel submissions

A reader writes to ask: I've been writing a novel over the past year, and with the help on your site as well as a few other sites, I've been converting it into manuscript format. However, after having copied over...  read

Italicizing long blocks of text

A reader writes to ask: If you don't mind, I have a very quick question for you. You say that italics should never be used, and italicized passages should be underlined instead. But what if a story has long passages...  read

The format to come

Welcome to More on Formatting, my new blog on all aspects of manuscript formatting. For well over a decade my formatting guide "Proper Manuscript Format" has been available online, with the result that I've fielded hundreds of questions on the...  read

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