More on Formatting : March 2009

Copyrighting your work

A reader writes to ask: At the end of your podcasts, you include the important fact that your podcasts have a Creative Commons license on them, and I'd like to ask how I can be sure my own work has...  read

Story collection format

In followup to the post Proper novella format, a reader writes to ask: What do you do if you are using a novella as part of a short story collection? If you're including a novella in a collection, then format...  read

Indicating literal thoughts

A reader writes to ask: How should I differentiate the character's thoughts from the rest of the narrative? Some people have suggested I put them in quotation marks, but I find that when I read novels in which the character's...  read

Proper novella format

A reader writes to ask: What does the format look like for a novella? What's the first page look like? And, what do you do with chapters? The novella is a curious case. Not quite short enough to be called...  read

Word count vs. page count

A reader writes to ask: I've been speaking with an agent who has expressed keen interest in my sci-fi/humor novel, and what she's telling me is that while she really digs it, the manuscript is simply coming in too long...  read

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