More on Formatting : Page Headers

Page headers in electronic submissions

A reader writes to ask: I enjoyed reading your article about formatting short story submissions, but wondered whether the Name/Title/Page# thing is necessary for electronic submissions. I have a story ready for submission to EQMM. There are essentially two kinds...  read

Headers for multi-page poem manuscripts

A reader writes to ask: How should we format a manuscript of multiple poems that each span more than a single page? Do we number our pages starting from 1 whenever we begin a new poem, or should we number...  read

Formatting and submitting poems

A reader writes to ask: I have three questions about longer poetry manuscripts. In most cases, editors request poetry submissions that contain 3-5 poems, yet nearly every example I can see depicts a submission of a single poem. How, or...  read

Page headers for new chapters

A reader writes to ask: I just wanted to know if you still include a header on the first page of your chapters, and if you still use Courier 12 in your manuscripts - as shown in your venerable novel...  read

Creating a page header in Word

A reader writes to ask: Please could you explain how, using MS word, I can use a header like the one on your manuscript of Silvertide? Each time I try it will only let me have EITHER the name of...  read

Proper manuscript format for the 21st century

I wrote the original version of my manuscript formatting guide in 1993, modeling it after a much older two-page guide I received from Damon Knight in 1985. Back in those days, even for those who'd made the switch to composing...  read

When to use a separate title page

A reader writes to ask: At the recent meeting of our local writers group we got involved in a discussion about formatting. Several of us were having problems with the header/footer and page numbering aspect of our word processing program....  read

Automatic page numbers in Word

A reader writes to ask: I had a quick question for you regarding header formatting for novel manuscripts. I'm trying to customize the autotext feature for headers to follow the example you gave: Author / Book Title / Page #...  read

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