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To pronoun or not to pronoun: that is the initial question

To pronoun or not to pronoun: that is the initial question

Is it mandatory to include one’s personal pronouns on a manuscript submission? And is it acceptable to obscure one’s gender when submitting to certain publications?  read

I never seen so many bleedin' Arials

A reader writes to ask: The font I have been using for 10 years is Arial. I like it alot. Any comments. Should I check with Sheila Williams, the editor at Azimovs. No. No. No. A thousand times no. Use...  read

Confusing file format with manuscript format

A reader writes to ask: When sending stories via email attachment, some markets insist on RTF, so I'll go to my Open Office files, where all my stories are .DOC, formatted in Standard Manuscript Format (SMF), and save the .DOC...  read

Formatting email submissions

A reader writes to ask: Thanks for all the useful, easy-to-follow information about formatting on your web site. If I were submitting pages by snail mail, I think I'd be set. But the vast majority of agents I'm planning on...  read

Proper manuscript format for the 21st century

I wrote the original version of my manuscript formatting guide in 1993, modeling it after a much older two-page guide I received from Damon Knight in 1985. Back in those days, even for those who'd made the switch to composing...  read

Composing a cover letter

A reader writes to ask: I am going to FEDEX my short fiction story to [a certain American] magazine, who were the only gracious ones to send me a response to my e-mail query (out of hundreds of e-mail queries...  read

Word counts for proposal submissions

A reader writes to ask: I am submitting a short story collection, but the publisher requests just the first 50 pages. How do I handle this in terms of what I would write for word count? Do I include the...  read

Confusing book design with manuscript formatting

A reader writes to ask: I came upon your blog when asking a question about short story indentation at I don't know if you'll ever read this, but if you do and can spare some time, I'd appreciate a...  read

Copyrighting your work

A reader writes to ask: At the end of your podcasts, you include the important fact that your podcasts have a Creative Commons license on them, and I'd like to ask how I can be sure my own work has...  read

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