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“Proper Manuscript Format” now comes in two distinct flavors

“Proper Manuscript Format” now comes in two distinct flavors

The latest update to the popular manuscript preparation guide can be viewed in either “Modern” or “Classic” format.  read

New novel template for Microsoft Word, plus advanced macros

The short story manuscript template for Microsoft Word that I recently added was apparently quite a success, at least to judge by the number of requests I've received to add a version for novel manuscripts. Accordingly, I've created that novel...  read

Manuscript template for Microsoft Word

At long last, after more requests than it should have required, I've corrected a long-standing oversight and created a short story manuscript template for Microsoft Word. You can find it at this page: After you customize the template with...  read

Proper manuscript format for the 21st century

I wrote the original version of my manuscript formatting guide in 1993, modeling it after a much older two-page guide I received from Damon Knight in 1985. Back in those days, even for those who'd made the switch to composing...  read

The format to come

Welcome to More on Formatting, my new blog on all aspects of manuscript formatting. For well over a decade my formatting guide "Proper Manuscript Format" has been available online, with the result that I've fielded hundreds of questions on the...  read

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