The original draft of The Accidental Terrorist, the memoir of my days as a Mormon elder, contained four chapters devoted to my stay at the infamous Clarion science-fiction writing workshop in the summer of 1985. These had to be compressed to a few pages for space reasons, but it seemed there might be folks around who were interested in reading them for the sake of a small glimpse into one of the revered institutions of the SF community.

Therefore, here are those chapters, ripped whole and bleeding from the body of my memoir. It's just my odd perspective on Clarion, but I hope you enjoy it:

Chapter 1  Clarion Call
Chapter 2  Gentiles on My Mind
Chapter 3  The Rocky Mormon Picture Show
Chapter 4  Words and Phrases You Must Never Use in Utah

My Clarion '85 classmates Geoffrey A. Landis and Mary Turzillo taught at Clarion 2001. For information on attending a future edition of the workshop, visit the Clarion Workshop Home Page. (There are also two sister workshops, Clarion West and Clarion South.)

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