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Rise Up, Ye Women That Are at Ease

Originally published in Washed by a Wave of Wind: Science Fiction from the Corridor, edited by M. Shayne Bell, Signature Books, Salt Lake City, UT, December 1993, under the name D. William Shunn.

Reggie Teagarden is having a bad day. First of all, he's had to return his engagement ring, and he's taken a huge loss. Second, he can't find his ex-fiancee anywhere. And third—why are all those women rushing off with suitcases in hand?

. . . one of my favorites is "Rise Up, Ye Women That Are at Ease," a neatly turned tale about women who suddenly disappear and the men they leave behind.
—Kathleen Youmans, Small Press
This [Shunn] guy must be some kind of troublemaker. . . . No Stephen King story packs one-tenth the horror that this tale inflicts on its male readers.
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