Two of my latest science-fiction stories are featured at, and I could not be more proud. If you're a Salon subscriber or an experienced Salon user, you can dive right in. The stories are featured in the TECH & BUSINESS section, and you can get to them via these links:

If you're a less experienced Salon user, or have never visited the site before, you might need a little help to access the full text of the story. Salon is a subscription-based Web site covering current events in politics, culture, technology, and entertainment. You have to pay to become a permanent subscriber, but it's easy to get a free no-strings-attached day pass that lets you access all its content for 24 hours. You just have to know where to click.

Salon Day Pass

When you click the links to read either "Strong Medicine" or "Love in the Age of Spyware," you'll arrive at a page that—down toward the bottom, after a brief teaser for the story—looks somewhat like the one in the illustration to the right. Click on the little button I've circled in red. This takes you to series of ad screens you must view in order to get your day pass. Click through each page of the ad—paying close attention to it, of course—until you reach the Holy Grail: the link that reads SALON PREMIUM DAY PASS. Click on it, and then click the subsequent link that reads ENTER SALON PREMIUM NOW. That's it—you're there. (Actually, you may be back at the Salon home page, in which case you should click through to the TECH & BUSINESS section to find my stories.)

There, wasn't that easy? I hope you find "Strong Medicine" and "Love in the Age of Spyware" worth the effort to access, and I hope you'll let me know what you think of them. And if you liked the stories well enough, please consider telling your friends about them via the handy form below.

And if you'd like to know more about how "Love in the Age of Spyware" came to be, drop over to my essay "Observations on the Writing Process."

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