Outside Perspectives
If you're interested in learning more about how I came to create this site, please see these articles:

  • Online help spawns hope for victims (News.com)
  • Emergency.gov (FastCompany.com)
  • Attack on the Wires (News.BBC.co.uk)

  • In addition, this site was mentioned in the following articles:

  • NY Times, 12 Sep 2001: A Day of Terror: The Talk Online; Web Offers Both News and Comfort
  • NY Times, 20 Sep 2001: Online Diary; Taking Refuge on the Internet, a Quilt of Tales and Solace

  • And lest we forget the good this site accomplished, please see the moving September 12th entry in Teresa Nielsen Hayden's weblog:

  • Making Light

  • Finally, thanks to my hosts at pair Networks for their generous assistance in keeping this site available.