"I'm Okay" Registry : September 11th Links
If you're trying to locate missing friends or relatives, here are the best places to start your search: Many other sites list telephone hotlines for locating missing people. Some of the best information is here: I would also urge you to contact the Red Cross or your local hospital to find out where to donate blood, and to locate what relief services you can in your own area and ask them what you can do to help in this time of tragedy. Here are a few more places to start looking, in addition to the sites above: Official word from some prominent affected companies can be found here: This site maintains an excellent list of informational contacts at companies housed in the World Trade Center: Tributes to victims can be posted here: The following sites continue to provide possibly helpful message boards for those searching for survivors, though I must emphasize that these are not official sources and may contain significant misinformation: Please note that I have nothing to do with the sites listed above. I'm sorry, but I cannot answer questions about individual names on those lists or about the methods used to compile those lists.

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