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Destroyer   ^ 
Members:   Dan Bejar
Related artists:   The New Pornographers & Swan Lake
Genres:   Rock
Subgenres:   Alternative Pop/Rock & Alternative/Indie Rock & Chamber Pop & Indie Pop & Indie Rock & New Wave/Post-Punk Revival
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Comments On the World As Will      0:57    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 1 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
No Cease Fires! (Crimes Against the State of Our Love, Baby)      3:30    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 2 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
The Space Race      2:22    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 3 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
Dark Purposes      2:15    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 4 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
Emax I      1:46    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 5 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
I Want This Cyclops      3:13    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 6 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
Loves Of a Gnostic      2:38    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 7 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
Emax II      0:57    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 8 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
State of the Union      1:17    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 9 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
School, And the Girls Who Go There      2:51    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 10 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
Melanie and Jennifer and Melanie      3:59    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 11 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
War On Jazz II Or How I Learned To Love the War On Jazz      1:54    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 12 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
Emax III      0:59    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 13 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
You Were So Cruel      3:34    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 14 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
Signs      0:47    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 15 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
Rereading the Marble Faun      3:15    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 16 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
Son of the Earth      2:13    1998    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 17 from CITY OF DAUGHTERS
Destroyer's The Temple      4:43    2000    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 1 from THIEF
To the Heart of the Sun on the Back of a Vulture, I'll Go      3:52    2000    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 2 from THIEF
The Way of Perpetual Roads      3:52    2000    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 3 from THIEF
Canadian Lover/Falcon's Escape      3:19    2000    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 4 from THIEF
City of Daughters      2:29    2000    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 5 from THIEF
Every Christmas      3:29    2000    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 6 from THIEF
Mercy (We Had the Right)      5:27    2000    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 7 from THIEF
Queen of Languages      3:31    2000    find on Spotify
by Destroyer
track 8 from THIEF
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