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OfframpOfframp   ^ 
Pat Metheny Group
1982  find on Spotify


Genres:   Jazz

Subgenres:   Contemporary Jazz & Crossover Jazz & Fusion & Post-Bop
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Barcarole      3:18    1982    find on Spotify
by Pat Metheny Group
Are You Going with Me?      8:51    1982    find on Spotify
by Pat Metheny Group
Au Lait      8:31    1982    find on Spotify
by Pat Metheny Group
Eighteen      5:09    1982    find on Spotify
by Pat Metheny Group
Offramp      5:58    1982    find on Spotify
by Pat Metheny Group
James      6:46    1982    find on Spotify
by Pat Metheny Group
The Bat Part II      3:50    1982    find on Spotify
by Pat Metheny Group
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