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The Second Time Around: Songs with SequelsThe Second Time Around: Songs with Sequels   ^ 
Bill Shunn
2005  M  find on Spotify


Genres:   Comedy & Country & Folk & Jazz & Rock

Subgenres:   Album Rock & Alternative Pop/Rock & Americana & British Folk-Rock & British Psychedelia & Cool Jazz & Experimental Rock & Folk & Folk-Rock & Fusion & Hard Rock & Heavy Metal & Jazz-Rock & New Wave & Pop/Rock & Post-Punk & Prog-Rock/Art Rock & Proto-Punk & Rock and Roll & Singer/Songwriter & Soft Rock & Speed Metal & Thrash
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Space Oddity      5:10    1969    find on Spotify
by David Bowie
Synchronicity I      3:20    1983    find on Spotify
by The Police
Race with Devil on Spanish Highway      6:15    1977    find on Spotify
by Al Di Meola
Your Gold Teeth      6:53    1973    find on Spotify
by Steely Dan
The Rudy Blues      3:29    1999    find on Spotify
by Ken Ficara & Mike Skliar
Sunday Papers      4:16    1979    find on Spotify
by Joe Jackson
The Unforgiven      6:16    1991    find on Spotify
by Metallica
A Boy Named Sue      3:45    1969    find on Spotify
by Johnny Cash
Ashes to Ashes      4:21    1980    find on Spotify
by David Bowie
Synchronicity II      4:57    1983    find on Spotify
by The Police
Race with Devil on Turkish Highway      4:02    1998    find on Spotify
by Al Di Meola & Steve Vai
Your Gold Teeth II      4:08    1975    find on Spotify
by Steely Dan
The New Rudy Blues      2:55    2004    find on Spotify
by Ken Ficara
Monday Papers      4:50    1986    find on Spotify
by Joe Jackson
The Unforgiven II      6:34    1997    find on Spotify
by Metallica
Father of a Boy Named Sue      3:11    1978    find on Spotify
by Shel Silverstein
Charlie Brown's Nightmare (Bilmo's Rickety Turntable Remix) (hidden track)      3:31    2002    find on Spotify
by Mike Skliar and the Liars & Vince Guaraldi Trio & Bilmo
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M = homemade mix disc

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