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About the Author
About William Shunn
Who, what, when, why, where, and how.

Inhuman Swill
The obligatory blog.

William Shunn's ShunnCast
A former podcast featuring my readings and reminiscences.

Writing and Science Fiction
Complete Bibliography
What I've published and where.

Works Online
Links to my stories and other writings available elsewhere online.

Author Events
Where to see me and when.

Manuscript Format
Examples that demonstrate how to format your stories for submission.

Run While You Still Can
Advice for young writers.

Clarion, My Wayward Son
A young Mormon's summer at the infamous science fiction writing workshop.

Terror on Flight 789
The story of my arrest and expulsion from Canada as a young Mormon missionary.

Korihor's Corner
A few modest thoughts on Mormonism.

A glossary of Mormon terms for the uninitiated.

No Man Knows My Pancreas
Rewrite Mormon history, if you dare, with these irreverent "Mad Lib"–style stories.

"I'm Okay" Registry
What I and thousands of others created on September 11th.

Bilmo's Toolbox
A repository of odds and ends I built just because they seemed useful to me.

Bondage Bunny and the Clothes-dryer of Doom
A photo essay I can't really describe. You just have to see it.

Completely Ridiculous Music Collection
A handful of the CDs in my collection.

New York Times Spelling Bee Solver
Search for solutions to the daily Spelling Bee from a list of over 272,000 words.

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