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There is no such thing as killing in my name.


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All this will someday be your children's.


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If you didn't hear it straight from my lips, take it with a grain of salt.

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I like to kick things off with a bang. A Big Bang.


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I don't blame video games or rap music when my children start shooting each other.

Time limit

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If you don't clean this place up, you won't get another millennium.


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Stop smirking, America. I'm talking to you, too.


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Want to know how old the earth is? Ask the earth, not the Bible.


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I gave you a bigger brain for a reason. Start using it.


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I love Marilyn Manson, too. Maybe more than I love you.

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God is your Lord, Master, and Ultimate Creator. He likes puppies, baby snakes, and long walks on the beach that leave only one set of footprints. He saw a bunch of billboards where people tried to put words in His mouth, and they weren't good, so He thought he'd come up with a few of His own.

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