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May debriefing


Tuesday Funk #45: B.C. Bell Good morning, Funkers! Your humble co-host regrets the tardiness of this debriefing, but (as you know if you were there) he very regrettably was unable to attend our 45th edition this past Tuesday evening. However, by all reports we hear that co-host Sara Ross Witt and substitute co-host Mare Swallow had the evening well in hand, and the readers were as fine as you have come to expect.

In lieu of the usual play-by-play, let us present instead a gallery of photographs from the evening provided by local artist Kevin Swallow. Please enjoy this pictorial recap (click the photo to the right to get started), and then plan to join us again on Tuesday, June 5th for a terrific evening with Samantha Irby, Kristin Lueke, Dion Walton, Jennifer Schaefer, and Alex Shakar!

April debriefing


The gift that keeps on giving We were bowled over last night at Hopleaf by the great performances at Tuesday Funk, the reading series whose eclecticism knows no bounds. Personal essays, poetry, erotic science fiction, exotic science fiction, liquor labels (seriously!)—our delighted audience never knew what would strike next.

The evening kicked off with Mare Swallow's funny and poignant tale of, you know, the kind of stuff that happens when you're college. Charlotte Hart brought us a strong slate of poems, including several she created and illustrated for the labels of organic spirits from Koval Distillery. And J.H. Palmer related the hilarious and affecting story of the hazy weekend in Amsterdam that pointed the way back home to Chicago.

After a halftime break for beer and a Poem by Bill, Mary Anne Mohanraj brought us a tale (or was it a tail?) of furrie empowerment and eroticism on a distant planet. And Richard Chwedyk wrapped things up for us with a charming poem (see below) and a chilling story from his "Saur" series.

But if you weren't there, don't think you rolled a gutter ball! We'll be posting video from the evening's performances over the coming days and weeks so you can catch up on everything you missed. And of course Tuesday Funk will be back on May 1st with our guests Chris Mendius, B.C. Bell, Susanna Lang, Julie Rosenthal, and Tom Underberg. Be sure to join us!

March debriefing


La Sagrada Tarea It was certainly a Super Tuesday last night at Hopleaf—a Super Tuesday Funk, that is! Your humble co-host brought you election updates throughout the evening (see the video below), but the real excitement was in seeing what surprises our five candidates for literary greatness would bring us next!

The program kicked off with Joe Weintraub, who related the hilarious and sad portrait of marriage whose fortunes founder along with the Cubs'. Former Tuesday Funk host Hallie Palladino walked us delicately through the joys and perils of intimacy after childbirth. And Maggie Kast transported us back to the Jazz Age with a stirring excerpt from her novel-in-progress.

After a halftime break for beer and a Poem by Bill, Sunday Night Sex Show impresaria Robyn Pennacchia explained in no uncertain terms the risks involved in swimming with dolphins. (We can't wait to bring you video of that one!) And horror maester John Everson wrapped things up in a bloody bow with two tales of unspeakable evil.

But if you weren't there, don't eat your heart out! We'll be posting video from the evening's performances over the coming days and weeks so you can catch up on everything you missed. And of course Tuesday Funk will be back on April 3rd with our guests Mary Anne Mohanraj, J.H. Palmer, Charlotte Hart, Mare Swallow, and Richard Chwedyk. Be sure to join us!

February debriefing

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Blah blah blah blah blah Everyone's talking about Tuesday Funk—at least everyone who was there at Hopleaf last night to see our terrific 42nd episode. We do not exaggerate when we say the rapt audience were crammed in shoulder to shoulder to see our accomplished readers. Even Johnny the Bartender commented on the huge, thirsty crowd—and on what a contrast it was from our February 2011 reading, with its blizzard raging outside and its grand total of ten attendees. What a difference a year makes.

The program kicked off with Dustin Monk, who offered us a personalized guided tour of the world of the Singularity. Lillian Huang Cummins followed that up with two short excursions through lives we were all too painfully able to relate to. And Julia Borcherts delighted the crowd with her tale of a Miami meeting between a pregnant punk and the King of Reggae.

After a halftime break for beer and a Poem by Bill too ephemeral to have been captured by our primitive recording equipment, Lauryn Allison Lewis related a shocking tale of attempted sororicide—in the womb. And Margie Skelly brought us chugging back into the station with a series of poems about planes, trains, and destinations.

But if you weren't there, don't beat yourself up! We'll be posting video from the evening's performances over the coming days and weeks so you can catch up on (almost) everything you missed. And of course Tuesday Funk will be back March 6th with our guests John Everson, Robyn Pennacchia, Maggie Kast, Joe Weintraub, and former Tuesday Funk host Hallie Palladino! Be sure to join us so you too can be one of the ones talking about it.

A whole lot more video from last night's event is coming soon, so stay tuned!

January debriefing


Last night was the Rapture and most of us missed it. If you were part of our standing-room crowd at Tuesday Funk this past January 3rd, you probably had not just your socks but your shoes blown off too. It was as strong an evening of readers as we've had at Hopleaf, and we've had some strong ones. (We've also ordered a few strong ones from Johnny at the bar, but that's a different, if simultaneous, story.)

The night started out with a bang as Christopher Sweet took us back to his college days and painted us a funny and discomfiting portrait of "El Amor Brujo." Holly McDowell explored the frustrations of being an ambitious girl in the France of yesteryear, with an excerpt from her novel Farah Minor. And co-host William Shunn showed that he's a "Stand Up" guy with a story about a most unusual comedy performance.

After a break for beer and a poem about Bill's cousin the burglar, we welcomed Lawrence Santoro to the microphone to lead us through a most unsettling recipe for "Root Soup, Winter Soup." Then Stephen Markley finished out the evening by attempting to explain to us (and to his idiot friends) what goes into a book about the process of publishing that book.

But don't worry if you weren't there! We'll be posting video of the evening's performances over the coming days and weeks, so watch this space. And of course Tuesday Funk will be back February 7th with work from Julia Borcherts, Lauryn Allison Lewis, Margie Skelly, Dustin Monk, and Lillian Huang Cummins. Be sure to be there, and strap your shoes on tight.

December debriefing


Gale force It was a gale-force wind that struck Hopleaf this past Tuesday night. At least, that's what I gather from the way audience members kept telling us they were blown away. We never know quite how any given evening is going to go, but we're happy to report that this latest Tuesday Funk maintained the high quality we've come to expect over the past year. At least in this co-host's humble opinion. If you weren't there, let us tell you a little about what you missed.

Things started strong right out of the gate as Emile Ferris blew us away with a fierce primal scream of a poem. John Klima maintained the buzz as he led us on a trippy journey through three related dreams. And to round out the first half of the show, Hanna Martine raised temperatures with a teaser from her extraordinary paranormal erotica.

After a break for beer and a poem about Bill's trench coat (see below) came a high school reunion of sorts. After a powerful excerpt from Patricia Ann McNair's acclaimed new story collection, her former classmate Jody Lynn Nye led us on a funny and thrilling romp through the dark terrain of lycanthropy.

The fact that Patty and Jody go back so far was a synchronicity we didn't discover until after we'd scheduled them on the same bill, which is only one of the many great synchronicities that emerge from any given evening at Tuesday Funk.

But don't worry if you weren't there! We'll be posting video of everyone's performances over the coming days and weeks, so watch this space. And of course Tuesday Funk will continue bringing great readers together throughout 2012, starting January 3rd with strong work from Stephen Markley, Lawrence Santoro, Christopher Sweet, and more, plus another probable Poem By Bill.  Mark your calendar now, because the new year won't properly begin until you've been Funk'd.

November debriefing


POW! Greetings from standby jury duty. Yes, your humble co-host is doing his civic duty in Rolling Meadows, but it seems unlikely he'll be empaneled owing to that felony conviction way back when that we've sort of hinted around about before. But I digress...

The reviews are in! This week's Tuesday Funk has been called "the best Funk yet," by at least one recurring audience member. Were you there? What did you think? Don't remember much of the evening? Let me refresh your memory.

Returning Funker Cesar Torres started us off with a transcription of a Dia de los Muertos vlog post from Lady Death herself, and more dark, seasonal fiction. Matt Wood brought us a timely public service announcement, in setting forth the proper method for ordering a corned beef sandwich from the men with mustaches at Manny's Deli. And to finish out the first half, Funk veteran Suzanne Clores tantalized us with a section of her memoir about young women abroad in France without much money and without a plan.

After a break for beer and a poem about dogs (or was it? see below), Laura Stark favored us with a funny and painful memoir about breaking up during the Thanksgiving season. And to bring a widely varied show to a moody close, Funk mainstay J.D. Adamski brought us a dark and stylish tale from the brink of Chicago noir.

But don't worry if you weren't there. We'll be posting video of everyone's performances over the coming days and weeks, so watch this space. And of course Tuesday Funk will be breaking on through again on December 6th with great work from Jody Lynn Nye, Patricia Ann McNair, Hanna Martine, Emile Ferris, and John Klima, and yet another Poem By Bill.  It's our holiday present from us to you, so mark your calendar now!

October debriefing


That train don't stop here anymore If you missed Tuesday Funk this week at Hopleaf, we're sad to say you missed a train that won't be stopping here again. Erin J. Shea set a terrifying tone with her tales of new motherhood. Liz Baudler let us listen in on some very animalistic girl talk. And in an excerpt from his novel-in-progress, C.P. Chang showed us some of the very different faces of racism.

After a break for beer and a zombie haiku, Matt Darst took on a tour through the mind of dog whose masters have started acting rather strangely, in an excerpt from his new novel Dead Things. And to round things out, co-host William Shunn took us to a highly improbable 2012 World Series where the fate of the whole city rests in the hands (and tentacles!) of Chicago's own Cubbies.

But don't worry if you weren't there. Tuesday Funk will be rolling into the station again on November 1st with great work from Suzanne Clores, J.D. Adamski, Matt Wood, Cesar Torres, and Laura Stark, and yet another Poem By Bill. It's a Thanksgiving feast of epic proportions, and you won't want to miss it. Mark your calendar now!

September debriefing


Colorado Hey, if you weren't at Hopleaf this week for Tuesday Funk, you missed a good 'un, a real good 'un. 12-point buck good, in fact.

We had Carissa DiGiovanni reading us poems, Noreen Natale telling us amusing stories, and Naomi Buck Palagi on a return visit to read us more poems. After a break for beer and a downer of a 9/11 poem from co-host William Shunn, we had a rip-snorter of an excerpt from Edison A. Blake's recent novel, and a wild selection of prose from A D Jameson (not to mention plenty of audible gasps from the audience). And the elk? The elk was present only in our hearts.

In fine, it was a spirited and challenging kickoff to our fall season, which will continue on October 4th with the work of Erin Shea Smith, Liz Baudler, CP Chang, zombie fiction by Matthew Darst, and a sci-fi baseball story from William Shunn. It's a veritable Oktoberfest of good stuff, so next time take careful aim because you won't want to miss your shot.

August debriefing


Hopleaf, the place for Tuesday Funk In our humble opinion, Tuesday Funk just keeps getting better and better. What can we submit as evidence, you ask? May it please the court, we present our August 2nd reading at Hopleaf, which, in succession, drew a standing-room crowd and blew its socks off. Honest, we had to gather up all the socks after the audience had departed. The occasion was, in part, a makeup session for some of the readers from our legendary February reading who were prevented from attending by the blizzard, with a couple of jokers tossed into the deck to keep everyone on their toes.

Blizzard refugee Karen Skalitzky kicked things off with "Out," a funny and heartfelt excerpt from her memoir-in-progress. Sondra Morin favored us with a sheaf of her superb poetry. And snowstorm reschedulee Julie Rosenthal enthralled with excerpts from two of her short stories.

Tuesday Funk, December 7, 2010

After a break to let our audience visit John at the bar, co-host William Shunn read his poem "Immortality." Tegan Jones scored with an excerpt from her novel-in-progress The Year of the Rabbit. February returnee Eden M. Robins delighted us with the prologue from her novel The Grand Adventure of Aught-Nine. And the prodigal yet prodigious Jerry Schwartz hit big with a reading and a song from his novel Pixels of Young Mueller.

(You can check out Jerry's song, "The King of I Don't Care," in the video below, or watch his full performance here. Or if you'd prefer to watch the entire evening's program straight through, you can do that here.)

In short, it was far more than just a makeup session—more like a makeout session with the minds of our Tuesday Funk audience. And if you want to get that same treatment, please join us September 6th for an evening with Edison Blake, Carissa DiGiovanni, AD Jameson, Noreen Natale, and Naomi Buck Palagi. We promise you won't regret it the morning after.

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