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I believe that children are our future. And that we're fucked.

Be mine

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I would so have let Chris Brown hit me. Just for an excuse to put the motherfucker in the ground.


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The inability to write has never been a sufficient impediment to getting published.


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To me, U2 is either a spy plane or what you say when someone tells you they have Hep C.


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I never forget a face. If I absolutely have to ice somebody, I always remember to take it with me.


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Judging from the traces they leave, people seem to be at their worst in public restrooms.

Mission accomplished

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By my count, by pursuing an ill-considered and illegal preemptive war, President Bush and his accomplice Congress have now murdered more Americans than the 9/11 terrorists did, not to mention the untold Iraqi civilian casualties. Congratulations, traitors, and God help us all.


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Never trust a librarian who marries a man who doesn't read.

John the Baptist

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Living on nothing but locusts and honey doesn't impress me. Try Sterno and cardboard sometime, chump!


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It sounds less like a genre of fiction and more like what happens when you fart and get more than you bargained for.

Who? What?

Perry Slaughter is the reclusive author of such cult works of horror and sci-fi as Chairman of the Board, Deus ex Machina, and more. His passions include vinyl records, scotch whisky, and high-seas piracy.

Perry Slaughter

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