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Sailing the seas of time

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Just had lunch (and five beers!) here in Tokyo with a close friend from my high school years whom I haven't seen in (we worked it out) at least 21 years. I can't even describe what a pleasure that was. To compare how far we've both come from those days, and not look back on the times with bitterness—it's a blessing.

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Shout out to my peeps

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Hey, lunch crew. This one's for you. Good to see you all.

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Gothamist today has a fascinating interview with wunderkind photographer Bill Wadman about his ongoing 365 Portraits project. Our own [info]steelbrassnwood gets a shout-out:

What's been the most interesting shoot so far? There are so many that it’s hard to single out one most interesting shoot, but there are a few that stick out in my memory. For example, back in February I shot a woman named Margot Stevenson on her 95th birthday, or the time I introduced myself to and shot Ken Ficara in Prospect Park, or this past Monday when I shot director Michael Kang in Washington Square Park. Each day is a different little story and I think that adds to the project. I've also become friends with a number of my subjects, which is a nice ancillary benefit.  [full interview]
(It's kind of funny that Bill says he introduced himself to Ken and shot him. Like a scene from a Brooklyn gangster movie!)

Besides Ken, friends of mine who've showed up on the site include Jordana Drell Rosen, Christopher Rivera, Nuno Santos, and the inexplicably controversial Nicki Bosch. (Oh, yeah, and there was mine, too, which I was very pleased with.) Laura signed up long ago, and while Bill and I both keep trying to twist her arm, she hasn't picked a date. Yet.

By the way, I think last night's portrait is one of the most stunning so far, simply in terms of color, composition, and the serendipitous appearance of birds.

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Hey, my good friend and screenwriting partner Christopher Rivera is featured at today! Shades of a New York that used to be, or maybe never was.

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Mike Hunt is Aiken

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Elect MIKE HUNT Aiken County Sheriff
What a weekend Laura and I just had! We arrived back late last night from three days in beautiful Aiken, South Carolina. We were invited by our dear friend Shana, who lives here in the city and was going home for the annual Aiken Steeplechase, an afternoon of horseracing that is one of the biggest events in town.

Shana's father is a successful entrepreneur and state senator. His private jet was dispatched to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey to pick us up Friday morning. There were nine passengers: Shana, her sister, her brother-in-law, their twin infants, Laura, me, Shana's fellow Aikenite-in-exile Joe, and Joe's friend Matt. The jet seated seven passengers, so we were at capacity.

Laura and I stayed for the weekend in an upstairs bedroom in the senator's home in Aiken. We were treated to all the hospitality for which the South is famous (this was my first excursion into the real South), with far more caring and far less pretentiousness than I perhaps had expected.

Saturday afternoon at the Steeplechase was quite an experience. Thousands of cars pulled into neat rows around both the interior and exterior rails of the track, with boisterous but not rowdy tailgate parties everywhere. Wandering from place to place, we ended up at a central tent where Mark Sanford, the governor of South Carolina, dressed down in chinos and a plaid shirt, was shaking hands and breaking hearts left and right.

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Selfish Saturday

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I'm supposed to be at a party right now. I'm not there. I'm being selfish.

Why? I'd love to see Ellie and all the other friends who will no doubt be there, but I'm on a roll with my book this afternoon and I can't quite bring myself to stop. Ellie and company throw wonderful, fun, and vibrant parties, and I know I would have a good and worthwhile time—but I had such a hard time finishing the last chapter that I guess I'm almost afraid to lose my momentum on this one. I don't get my usual three-day weekend this week, and I have to go to Arizona for a wedding party over the President's Day weekend, so my upcoming schedule is pretty oppressively cramped.

So, Ellie, I hope you will forgive my absence, and likewise anyone else reading this who might have expected to see me this afternoon (Baldanders?). I feel at least badly enough to take time out to excoriate explain myself in public. I hope to see you all soon.

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