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Because poor Kenny G seems to come in for abuse in this blog from time to time, I thought it might be fun to revisit what I consider one of the greatest examples of musician-on-musician slagging in the history of jazz writing: guitar giant Pat Metheny putting the hurt on well-known sax-noodler Kenny "G" Gorelick.

The material below was many years ago deleted from the Pat Metheny Group web site. Pat himself posted it in response to a fairly innocent question in the fan forum there no later than 2000, and I'm glad I saved a copy because it somehow vanished within the year. I've added capitalization to the text since Pat didn't seem to want to bother with the shift-key. Despite the fact that the sentence-by-sentence writing here sometimes falters, Pat is clearly articulate on the topic of jazz and very passionate.

Full disclosure: I've been a rabid fan of Pat Metheny since at least age 15. And even though I cut my teeth on smooth jazz (my first album purchase having been Feels So Good by Chuck Mangione), I've never ever been able to stomach Kenny G's "music."

So over to Pat.

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My contribution to the March CD Mix of the Month Club, meeting this evening at Antarctica Bar, will be Extroversion (and Other Examples of Psychobabble), with Covered with Cash generously thrown in as a Vernal Equinox bonus mix.

(The story so far.)

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All this for one low price!

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At the Asimov's web site, you can now find not only an excerpt from my novella "Inclination" but also an excerpt from Paul Melko's fine and fast-paced novella "The Walls of the Universe," not to mention the entirety of our own [info]asphalteden's excellent essay on electronic music, "A Possible Planet." (There is also an accompanying podcast, featuring many of the musicians Brian mentions in his article, which is well worth listening to.)

And don't forget, you can also hear an excerpt from "Inclination" in the latest episode of my podcast.

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If I could have just one cover blurb for Inclination the novel (no, don't get excited, this doesn't mean it's sold), it would be:

"Get your ticket to that wheel in space while there's time!"  —Donald Fagen
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Of the Mos Def character in 16 Blocks, you wrote: "Eddie has the kind of voice that makes fingernails on a blackboard sound like Kenny G." What are we to make of this comparison, given that Kenny G. already sounds like fingernails on a blackboard?

William Shunn
Queens, NY

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This tune is narrated by a clerk at a 7-Eleven, selling generic cigarettes to lowlifes in the wee hours:

It's not that I don't like them And I feel all right to sell it But I'm scared when 20 guys are buying GPC's And not one of them can spell it
Gets me every time.

Insatiable is a ska band I used to go see at the Dead Goat Saloon in Salt Lake City, way back in the early '90s. (My friend Mike and I went thirsty through those shows because we were too embarrassed to ask the bartender for a pitcher of root beer.) I'm not aware of any album Insatiable has cut, but I was delighted to find two tracks by them on the second volume of Ska: The Third Wave, which I picked up a few years back on eBay.

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The day I dread in Feb

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Happy President's Day (2004) from Loudon Wainwright III. If wishes were fishes...

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Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious
I got the best Valentine's Day present from Laura. I couldn't wait to try it on and have her take a picture. (All I got her was a lousy iPod.)

If you don't know the provenance of this tasty truism, wake up, son, and smell the cupcakes.

Double true!

(Posted as promised to [info]asphalteden.)

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February's CD mix of the month

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January's CD mix of the month

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William Shunn