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The re-up

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Let Them Eat Chocolate!
I guess I've watched way too many episodes of The Wire lately, and read too much Richard Price. Now, every time I go to the kitchen to refill my coffee mug I think of it as the "re-up."

On an almost separate note, I'm delighted to report that besides my cubby at Writers WorkSpace, there are a couple of coffee shops right by our apartment that are laptop-friendly. It's less than a block to this one, where (taking a page from the [info]gregvaneekhout playbook) I spent a little time on Thursday afternoon:

This is why you live in a city, kids.

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If you don't vote, you're a moron

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A long but worthwhile exhortation from Craig Ferguson to study the issues and listen to yourself when you vote. Long but very worthwhile.

(Via [info]parttimedriver.)

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Coupling Jesus with sex

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Since we were discussing Coupling here recently, I wanted to mention a rather jarring piece of advertising Laura and I saw last night. We DVR reruns of Coupling on BBC America to try to catch episodes we've missed in the past. Laura had never seen the very first episode, so that's what we were watching. As I fast-forwarded through the commercials, though, I realizes we were seeing an ad for The Lamb of God, a free Easter video from the LDS Church. (Sample bits here and here.) Seriously, the Mormons were advertising on one of the most frank, sexually themed sitcoms of all time. I have to wonder if that was deliberate or if it was a case of block ad-buying like the one that put Mitt Romney's campaign ads on What's next? Christian Scientists advertising on House? Scientologists advertising on Mythbusters?

In other amusing news, someone is selling The Lamb of God on eBay. Which is funny because the Mormon Church will send you a copy for free.

In other bittersweet news, How I Met Your Mother seems to have hit its stride again after a bit of a creative slump early in the season. The last few episodes have been sharp and as tightly written as Coupling, and Laura and I could barely breathe for laughing through this week's episode. This, just in time for the writers strike.

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We thought we could beat the thunderstorms. That is why last Monday evening I walked thirty minutes to a showing of Live Free or Die Hard, while Laura biked to Pipers Alley to meet up with the running group she was attending for the first time.

I thoroughly enjoyed my movie, even the patently preposterous parts toward the end, and I emerged to discover that it had rained while I was inside. A lot. Laura, on the other hand, ran with the group and biked home in it.

So it was that when I arrived home I found her recuperating on the couch in front of the television. She had the Travel Channel on, and had paused the live feed. "You need to watch this," she said. "Before you do anything else. I guarantee it will make you happy."

This is what she showed me:

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Greg Bear on the Daily Show

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You've probably seen this already, but I finally got a chance to watch it...

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Tidy up

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Here are a couple of Ikea commercials you probably won't see on American television:

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At last! A web site that proves I'm not alone in remembering that obscure but wonderful classic of lost '70s television—Cliffhangers! What? A television series that ends every episode on a cliffhanger? Unthinkable!

God, I hope some enlightened soul puts this on DVD someday. I didn't miss an episode of this as a kid of eleven, at least until my sisters won an argument about what program we were going to watch one night, and I'm still bitter about never having seen the endings of "Stop Susan Williams," "The Secret Empire," and "The Curse of Dracula." (Cliffhangers! was cancelled before "Stop" and "Empire" were concluded.)

I really thought I was the only one who had ever seen this show (which would explain why it vanished without a trace), and sometimes I wondered if I had only imagined it.

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Serving suggestion: drink

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I am never one to sneer at people with too much time on their hands. I am one, after all.

So please understand that I present this link to these "Lost" food labels with all due respect and admiration.

The serving suggestion on the beer is a touch of genius (though it would be funnier if it were on Kool-Aid).

(Via Laura.)

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Since I forgot to burn a promised DVD for David Bowie fan [info]steelbrassnwood before the episode vanished from our DVR, I went digging through YouTube to find this hilarious scene from the BBC/HBO series Extras. ([info]rajankhanna, I know you're a Bowie fan too). I knew it had to be there somewhere.

Do you watch Extras? If not, you should. To set the scene, Ricky Gervais plays the star of a popular new lowbrow sitcom, but he can't enjoy his success because he knows he sold out. He and his entourage have just had to leave the VIP area of a trendy club to make way for David Bowie:

This song has been stuck in our heads for weeks. (Pug, pug! Pug, pug!)

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In the land of the furries

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See if you can spot Scott Edelman, Bob Howe, and me (and maybe other people you know!) in this old segment from the premier episode of the Trio series Parking Lot. We're trying to be all erudite and shit while they intercut our interview clips with furries. It's pretty funny, and no less than what we deserve!

(Taped in 2003.)

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