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Now that's a mouthful

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Boy, am I sorry I missed Gary Indiana's wonderfully discursive assessment of Bill Clinton's memoir in the Village Voice last week. Damn, the man can write a meandering sentence that still manages to be perfectly grammatical and intelligible! Samples:

We are living in the depths of a surreal fait accompli produced by the Supreme Court's corrupt, meretricious, absurdly argued, transparently illegal, hubristic, and ultimately self-serving rulings in the matter of Bush v. Gore. Quite aside from usurping powers that properly belonged to the Congress and the Florida Legislature, and placing in the White House a criminal cartel whose contempt for the Constitution and democracy itself has turned our country into a terrorist oligarchy and an object of fear and loathing throughout the world, Bush v. Gore, in a rapid succession of inept, inane, overtly totalitarian strokes, demolished the entire foundation of American law by proclaiming itself "unique to this case" and exempt from any further use as judicial precedent. This may not have been apparent to anyone except a legal scholar at the time. However, now that the Bush Junior government is frantically seeking, and at the same time asserting, legal justification for torture, arbitrary detention without right of counsel, and other "emergency" powers, assertions cast in identical language to Nazi statutes (just look them up on the Internet if you think I'm exaggerating), the true implications of Bush v. Gore, and the nature of the court that accepted this case and ruled for the plaintiff, have become ever more apparent to the ordinary citizen.
I also laughed at Indiana's reference to Bush's "anorexic cheerleaders," which was clearly aimed at Ann Coulter.

As for the memoir itself:

Regarding My Life itself, it is long. Yes. While I doubt that any of the reviewers who have disparagingly compared it to the memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant have ever actually read the latter, I also doubt that they have read the former. Say what you will about Clinton, but he is one of the few U.S. presidents since Grant to have written a book by himself. While reading it I often wished someone else had written it for him, since he clearly has a tin ear and little sense of what to include and what to leave out. All the same, it's impossible to actually read this book without missing Clinton, for unlike his predecessor and his successor, the Spook and the Born-Again Cokehead/Booze Hound, he isn't mean-spirited, homophobic, racist, or idiotic, never confuses himself with Jesus Christ, and even when putting annoying people in their place, does it with a light touch. "Unfortunately, my relationship with Bill Bennett didn't fare well after I became President and he began promoting virtue for a living." "Vice-President Dan Quayle said he intended to be the 'pit bull terrier' of the election campaign. When asked about it, I said Quayle's claim would strike terror into the heart of every fire hydrant in America." Clinton is even gracious to Barbara Bush, a vicious old bag in pearl sets who could've given Angela Lansbury notes for her role in The Manchurian Candidate.
I've been debating whether or not to read the Clinton memoir. I think I should.
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Hey, what do you know?

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My Best Friend is [info]pixelfish
Our 11 common interests are: astronomy, food, godel escher bach, mormon history, music, orson scott card, reading, science, science fiction, utah, writing
Who is your best friend?
Created by [info]macoto
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At first I thought this was a joke, but on closer inspection it appears to be entirely serious:
I found the little sidebar tribute to Reagan most heartwarming, particularly in light of that little contretemps with David Stockman over the classification of ketchup back in 1981.
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Holy soap opera, Batman!

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Your LJ Soap Opera
LJ Username
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They'll have an affair with: [info]readwrite
You'll have a retaliatory affair with: [info]womzilla
Your rival: [info]ellapup
Who will try to kill you? [info]pould
Chance you'll survive till the end: - 38%
This cool quiz by [info]sarcastro
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When you bomb, you bomb

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Here, from the Houston Chronicle, is the story of an aspiring novelist who got turned in for scribbling a line of dialogue a fellow airline passenger didn't like.

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<p> o'd

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You are

You're nice and reliable, and a good friend to have in any situation. Make sure sure you've got something interesting inside though, you want to keep people coming back for more.
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The Underwood has landed

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Underwood tattoo
This is what happened to me down at New York Adorned yesterday afternoon:

And this is what happened to Laura earlier in the day:

After that, and after Laura had taken Ella to the vet to be diagnosed with conjunctivitis, we hied ourselves to Kebab Cafe on Steinway Street for wine, victuals, stimulating political conversation, and cask-strength whiskey.

I hope to make a fuller report, but those are the basics.

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Hello, Phoebe!

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A spectacular photograph of Saturn's moon Phoebe from the Cassini probe:
And a reminder that setting your home page to makes for a great way to start the day.
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Something cliques

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That uppity mudblood

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The new Harry Potter novel will be titled Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. But no one here cares, right?

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