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Why is my blog called Inhuman Swill? Because you can unscramble the pieces to make William Shunn.

March's CD mix of the month

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The joy of auto-Googling

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One runs across the most interesting things when one gives in to the temptation of Googling oneself. There's the listing in the Library of Congress's online archive:

There's the Rutgers class in "Science Fiction, Technology, and Society" where I'm on the syllabus:

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Dog switch

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We took Ella to a new groomer yesterday, where we traded the puppy in for an adult Wheaten terrier:

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I was contacted yesterday by David Gallagher, a New York Times business editor, about a story he was doing on how a security lapse at the site led to many names, postal addresses, and email addresses of subscribers being exposed online, including his.

He wanted to know, since the email address I'd used was obviously "tagged" (i.e., configured to be recognizable if it ended up being sold to a spammer), if I'd actually received any spam at that address. Funnily enough, the only spam I'd gotten as a result of the security lapse was from a New York Times business editor.

The story ran today here. (Or here, if you're not a registered user.) None of my droll wit was quoted.

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Hail, fellow, well Met

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The Gates are gone, but I have a few more pictures to share. A week and a half ago a group of us met (or attempted to meet) at the Met's rooftop garden to view The Gates from above. The view was not nearly as spectacular as we'd been led to expect, but we admired the marketing campaign that got so many extra visitors out to the museum.

Anyway, the eight "new" shots are from February 20, from atop and within the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (Can you pick out the one that's not actually of The Gates?)

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Yo, dude, you're the reason why I care.

You know most people do something productive with their free time rather than tare down harmless beliefs. Though this email wont change your mind on the circumstance, you should probably state what you believe before knocking others. Or have you not found the reason for your being? all I have seen from reading Your "Ivie League", is your taste for finding fault. well, good job! do you need a pat on the back? or how bout a Gold Star? Well Sir good day, and i'm not telling you to go to hell. I'm just saying while your there send a post card.
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February's CD mixes of the month

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My contribution to the February CD Mix of the Month Club was Words Cannot Express, with Year of the Rooster generously thrown in as a Chinese New Year bonus.

(The story so far.)

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How do you catch a unique blogger?

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Unique up on him, of course. Which brings me to yet another meme, caught this time from [info]readwrite:

Ten Things I've Done That Most of You Probably Haven't

  1. Argued with kindergarten teacher about nature of God.
  2. Plea-bargained way out of hijacking charge.
  3. Been barred from Canada following felony conviction.1
  4. Made out with Mormon sister missionary.
  5. Helped Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee participate in online chat before Mötley Crüe concert.2
  6. Had picture taken in Oscar the Grouch's trashcan.
  7. Got married on television in Las Vegas with Elvis impersonator present.
  8. Built first online "survivor registry" to appear in wake of September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
  9. Had science fiction published in Salon.3
  10. Written custom Web application to cross-index entire 2,000+ album music collection and play it remotely from any browser.

1 See item #2.
2 Also offered Tommy advice—which he followed—on how to convince online chatters he was really who he claimed to be.
3 Unless you're [info]bobhowe, that is!

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Via [info]pnh:

  1. Los Angeles, CA  1967-1973
  2. Grantsville, UT  1973-1974
  3. Liberty, UT  1974
  4. Bountiful, UT  1974-1978
  5. Kaysville, UT  1978-1985
  6. East Lansing, MI  1985
  7. Kaysville, UT  1985-1986
  8. Provo, UT  1986
  9. Brooks, AB  1986
  10. Calgary, AB  1986-1987
  11. Yakima, WA  1987
  12. Bonners Ferry, ID  1987
  13. Orofino, ID  1987-1988
  14. Pasco, WA  1988
  15. Wenatchee, WA  1988
  16. Kaysville, UT  1988-1991
  17. Salt Lake City, UT  1991-1993
  18. Provo, UT  1993
  19. Orem, UT  1993-1994
  20. Provo, UT  1994-1995
  21. Orem, UT  1995
  22. Seattle, WA  1995
  23. Brooklyn, NY  1995-2001
  24. Queens, NY  2001-
Dates for the Provo/Orem years are my best approximation of a truly silly number of moves.
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SWTD™ Episode I

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So What's The Deal™ with people who board a crowded descending elevator at the fourth floor and then get off at the third floor? I haven't noticed any serial killers lurking in the stairwell lately, so I'm frankly puzzled.

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